ASLA & EARTHDAY.ORG Sponsor The Great Global Cleanup 2021


Great Global Cleanup

As part of this year’s World Landscape Architecture Month celebration in April, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is teaming up with EARTHDAY.ORG to sponsor The Great Global Cleanup 2021. Throughout the month of April, ASLA members are joining together to organize and execute local cleanup projects as part of The Great Global Cleanup’s third official year.

“This April, ASLA is celebrating the work of landscape architects to help communities grow together, with each other and with their natural surroundings. Pollution is a prodigious issue in public open spaces – causing flooding, spreading illness, contaminating water sources, and at the root of a myriad of other problems,” said Torey Carter-Conneen, CEO of ASLA. “We’re incredibly proud to partner with EARTHDAY.ORG on The Great Global Cleanup initiative during World Landscape Architecture Month to combat this issue and support healthy, resilient, and sustainable open spaces for all.”

Now in its third year, The Great Global Cleanup is building on its record as the world’s largest coordinated volunteer event, providing opportunities for individuals and organizations to make positive, tangible impacts on our environment. Emerging from the coronavirus pandemic and guided by updated safety protocols, the collective goal in April 2021 is to remove millions more pieces of trash from our green spaces, urban communities, and waterways.

“Plastics and other pollution are destroying our communities, our drinking water systems, and our oceans, said Kathleen Rogers, EARTHDAY.ORG President. “Whether it’s a lot or a little, every piece of plastic and other waste materials that we remove from our beaches, our rivers, our hiking trails, and our parks makes a difference. Thank you to ASLA for joining our efforts to restore our natural and urban landscapes.” For more information on the Earth Day initiative, click here.