“Own It” With John Deere Payment Program


John Deere has introduced its 2021 “Own It” Low Monthly Payment Program, which will run through October 31. Customers can utilize the low monthly payment program to get on the path to equipment ownership for a variety of compact and mid-size equipment models — including the 316GR and 324G skid steer loaders, the 317G compact track loader, the 26G, 75G, and 85G excavators, and the 204L compact wheel loader with specific factory-installed configurations. (Pictured is the 75G excavator.)

“Each year, our low monthly payment program helps us support our customers and empower them to become machine owners as they grow their businesses,” said Greg Bauer, manager, tactical marketing and production systems. “The ‘Own It’ program providers customers with financial flexibility while promoting the growth of fleets and job site capabilities without breaking the bank.”John Deere

Under this program, operators can own various compact and mid-size excavator models including the 26G with a canopy configuration or the cab configuration, as well as the 75G excavator and the 85G. Both mid-size excavators included in the program feature cabs and rubber crawler pad tracks.

For compact offerings, the 316GR, 317G, and 324G skid steer small-frame loaders and 204L compact wheel loaders are available in a canopy or cab configurations. Customers can also purchase the 316GR with the EH joystick controls and the attachments performance package.

The program will run through October 31, 2021. Exclusions apply in the United States. To learn more about the Low Monthly Payment Program, contact an authorized John Deere Compact Equipment Dealer or visit the “Own It” program site.

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