BrightView Landscapes Lauded For Customer Engagement Commitment


BrightView Landscapes Services (BVLS) and BrightView Landscape Design (BVLD) have been welcomed to the National Business Research Institute (NBRI) Circle of Excellence. The NBRI Circle of Excellence Award recognizes organizations that place a high value on employee and customer engagement. Organizations must demonstrate their dedication by conducting best in class survey research with NBRI and taking action based upon those results. NBRI commends the leadership of these organizations for their commitment to the Continuous Improvement Process and recognizes their achievements with the Circle of Excellence Award.

BrightView Maintenance
BrightView Maintenance was recently selected by the Town of Superior, CO to maintain its park and recreation landscapes. The contract covers more than 630 acres of parks, green space, and open space, the Town of Superior, and its 35 miles of public trails. The agreement includes sustainable landscaping maintenance and snow removal. (Photo: BrightView)


Blue Bell, PA-based BrightView is the largest provider of commercial landscaping services in the United States. Through its team of approximately 20,000 employees, BrightView provides services ranging from landscape maintenance and enhancements to tree care and landscape development for thousands of customers’ properties, including corporate and commercial properties, HOAs, public parks, hotels and resorts, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, educational institutions, restaurants and retail, and golf courses, among others. BrightView is the Official Field Consultant to Major League Baseball (MLB).

NBRI Circle of Excellence AwardTo qualify for the NBRI Circle of Excellence Award, an organization must score at or above Stretch Performance at the 75th benchmarking percentile when measured against their industry, or the organization must improve five or more benchmarking percentiles in total company score over the previous research study, a statistically significant amount. It is no small feat to move an entire company’s score of customer loyalty or employee engagement five or more percentiles, or to reach Stretch or Best in Class Performance levels.

“Customer engagement drives financial performance,” said Dr. Jan G. West, Ph.D., CEO & Organizational Psychologist at NBRI. “This award is a result of BrightView’s dedication to measuring and improving their customer engagement.”

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