5 Digital Marketing Tips


Earlier this year at the Northeast Hardscape Expo in Providence, Rhode Island, PMC Media Group presented to a group of landscape design professionals ways digital marketing can help your business. Here’s a breakdown of tips from Emily Hattub, operations manager, and Amanda Brayman, social media director.

1. Focus on SEO

Develop a content marketing strategy that helps drive your website keywords so organic search will improve and your business will move to the top of Google listings.

2. Find your audience

Determine who your online target audience is. Learn more about who you’re bringing in now to your website or social media, and who else you want to capture, depending on your business goals. Even if you have a big audience, engagement is the key. So craft your online presence so it’s one your followers want to interact with.

3. Choose your platform

PMC Media says that you don’t have to be active on all social media platforms, so choose the ones you will maintain regularly. You can set up a schedule and prepare posts ahead of time, so you’re not “panic posting.” You should also set up a protocol for how you’ll respond to your audience’s comments, whether they’re good or bad.

4. Use hashtags

Research which hashtags in your field are the most popular and stay on top of it, because they’ll change often. PMC advises to avoid market confusion by staying away from hashtags that correlate to your business. For example, don’t just use #VMAs because the Video Music Awards are trending on Twitter.

5. Link your accounts

Hattub and Brayman’s No. 1 suggestion: Don’t forget to link your social media accounts to your website. Google likes it if everything is tied together. “It’s the freakin’ ‘Hunger Games’ here, people. Everyone is fighting for attention,” Brayman says.