Disease and Weed Control Products

Summer is hard on plants. Varying temperatures, as well as excessive rainfall or drought situations can leave your clients’ landscapes in disarray. Add diseases, fungi and weeds to the mix, and you may need some help to keep them looking their best. In this month’s product focus, you’ll find the right tools you need to help the properties you manage battle these summer stressors.

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Featured Disease and Weed Control Products


A single fall application of Shepherd fungicide protects against oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, anthracnose and more. Use with the Direct-Inject QC injection system.


Jonathan Green

Lawn Fungus Control is a systemic fungicide that controls summer patch, fusarium blight, dollar spot, copper spot, red thread, pink and gray snow molds and more.


Disease and Weed Control Products


Designed for warm-season turf, Specticle preemergent herbicide delivers residual, broad-spectrum control of crabgrass, goosegrass, Poa annua and broadleaf weeds.


Bruckman Rubber Co.

Weedseal is a vegetation control product that offers a chemical-free alternative for weed prevention. Eliminates cost and labor of trimming fence lines and posts.


Dow AgroSciences

Dimension provides preemergence and early postemergence control of crabgrass, in addition to preemergence control of over 40 annual grassy and broadleaf weeds.


Engage Agro USA

Fiesta is an EPA-approved bioherbicide that requires no special handling, is effective in cool temperatures, has no unpleasant odor and is rainfast within three hours.


Natural Technologies

Fire Belly is a line of natural and organic lawn care products, including Spray and Play, a liquid corn gluten product that can act as a preemergent herbicide.


Novel Wares

EZ-Cut pruner treatment is a nontoxic, lemon-scented fluid for pruning saws and shears that disinfects, cleans, lubricates and prevents rust.



Civitas is based on an induced systemic resistance mode of action. It does not kill pathogens, but instead acts as a plant defense activator to turn on natural defenses.


Spectrum Technologies

WatchDog 1000 Series Loggers come in eight models and are a cost-effective choice for early pest/disease forecasting and monitoring microclimate data.


The August issue of Turf will focus on Sod Equipment and Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders.