European Chafer Grub Species Found In Indiana


ROME CITY, Ind. – A new species of white grub has infested and damaged turf in Gaff Park and the grassy turf on the Sylvan Lake dam in Rome City, and it may be munching its way to other areas in northeast Indiana.

For the first time, three new species have been collected in traps in Porter, Allen, Kosciusko and Knox counties in Indiana. Rome City town manager Leigh Pranger contacted Purdue University’s Department of Entomology before telling town council that the European chafer grub has been found in the turf in the two areas of the town.

According to Doug Richmond of the Purdue University Department of Entomology, the European chafer is capable of infesting areas where other white grubs do not—especially dry, less intensely managed areas. He passed along to Pranger two fact sheets he wrote about the grub problem: “New White Grub Pests in Indiana” and “Turfgrass Insect Management.”

Wilting grass, dead or brown patches of turf and sod that pulls up easily revealing the grubs are symptoms of European chafer grub infestation. Diseases, improper mowing, vandalism, unsuitable grass varieties, urine spots from pets and improper use of pesticides or herbicides all have symptoms resembling grubs feeding so a close look is needed.

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