Get Equipped: Pesticides, Herbicides & Fertilizers

An assortment of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to help grow green, healthy, pest- and weed-free lawns for your clients.

From the February 2024 Issue


This collection of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers will help keep your clients’ lawns green, healthy, and pest and weed free.

Pesticides Herbicides FertilizersEnvu Acclaim® Accelerate

Envu is launching a new line of herbicides, primarily for cool-season turf. Starting this Spring, lawn care operators will have even more options and expert solutions to improve their treatment programs. Acclaim® Accelerate will provide enhanced crabgrass and summer broadleaf weed control. It will also be labeled for foxtail, torpedograss, clovers, English daisy, black medic, wild violet, and more.

NuFarm AllstarNuFarm’s Allstar™ Herbicide

Exclusively from Nufarm and launching this year, Allstar™ is a unique four-way broad-spectrum selective herbicide. Allstar single-handedly controls grassy weeds, nutsedge, and tough broadleaf weeds like spurge, clover, dollarweed, ground ivy, oxalis, wild violet, and Virginia buttonweed. Allstar is a fast-acting herbicide for use on selected cool-season and warm-season turfgrasses.

Hydr8Hydr8 Liquicure™
From Greene County Fertilizer

Hydr8 Liquicure™ Soil Surfactant/Wetting Agent liquid concentrated formula is a soil applied block polymer surfactant. It improves the infiltration and penetration of applied irrigation water in ornamental plants and managed turf. It is formulated to minimize repellency of hydrophobic soils, enhance adhesive tension and relieve cohesive tension in water. Applications can be made via commercial tank sprayers, ride-on spreader/sprayers, hose end and pump sprayers, and most irrigation systems. Hydr8 Liquicure is safe for use on all turf types, ornamentals, and bedding plants.

LESCOLESCO® Low Odor Broadleaf Herbicide
From Site-One®

SiteOne® recently debuted LESCO® Three-Way LO, a selective herbicide that targets broadleaf weeds. Three-Way LO contains three active ingredients, 2 4-D, MCPA, and Dicamba, for post-emergent control of a wide variety of stubborn broadleaf weeds like clover, dandelion, henbit, and plantains. Its low odor formula and flexible application rates make it easy to combine with liquid fertilizers or liquid iron materials. In university trials, Three-Way LO proved to be effective and safe for warm and cool season grasses, making it ideal for both residential and commercial turf, golf courses, sports fields and sod farms. Three-Way LO is available in several different sized containers.

Pesticides Herbicides FertilizersLebanon Turf’s ProScape

ProScape fertilizers and fertilizer-combination weed and insect control products offer a wide selection of solutions. The ProScape brand of products includes exclusive technologies: Meth-Ex, a high efficiency methylene urea; MESA, a specially formulated nitrogen known for delivering brilliant color response; and MESA-XP, the cutting-edge nitrogen source that optimizes turf performance while minimizing environmental impact. Homogeneous granules from MESA-XP provide a unique combination of nitrogen in two distinct forms, delivered through three separate mechanisms, and include a controlled-release potassium source. By incorporating potassium sulfate into the granule, MESA-XP ensures superior nutrient distribution, improved plant uptake, and significantly reduced leaching loss.

ArkonArkon™ Herbicide Liquid
From PBI-Gordon

Arkon™ Herbicide Liquid utilizes the proprietary active ingredient Pyrimisulfan to provide post-emergent control of sedges, kyllinga, dollar weed, chickweed, henbit, and many other labeled broadleaf weeds. Additionally, research has shown the liquid herbicide reduces the number and viability of nutsedge tubers. Part of PBI-Gordon’s “Powered by Vexis” family of herbicide products, Arkon is a low-rate, non-phenoxy product. It is labeled for use on established cool- and warm-season turfgrass species across a wide variety of use sites: residential and commercial lawns, golf course greens, fairways and roughs, sports facilities, and sod farms.

Pesticides Herbicides FertilizersSyngenta Compendium

Compendium™ fungicide® by Syngenta combines the strength of two leading active ingredients to control every major lawn disease. It’s designed to fit the agronomic and economic needs of lawn care companie. With Compendium, users can simplify disease control, preserve work, and enhance profitability potential—all with the convenience of a single product. Compendium controls key turfgrass diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, gray leaf spot, gray snow mold, large patch, microdochium patch, pink snow mold, Spring dead spot, Summer patch, and rust.

FMC DurentisFMC Durentis

FMC Corporation has received federal registration enabling the commercial launch of Durentis™ insecticide. This proprietary formulation provides lawn care operators with season-long protection from above and below ground chewing pests, including all species of grubs and Fall Armyworms. Durentis™ is a highly concentrated formulation of the active ingredient chlorantraniliprole with the lowest use rates in the diamide class of chemistry. It requires a single application for season long control. Durentis is fast acting and provides a zone of protection around the roots, and its systemic properties allow upward translocation. There is no signal word – making it safe for applicators and the environment; including pollinators. FMC recommends applying Durentis™ early for best results.

Pesticides Herbicides FertilizersOctane Herbicide
From SePRO

Octane® 2% SC Herbicide improves broadleaf, nutsedge, and grassy weed control, making it an excellent addition to any tank-mix. Octane is an efficient and cost-effective post-emergence solution, delivering rapid and visible weed control. Effective in all climates, Octane ensures consistent performance whether it’s hot or cold. Designed to meet the demands of today’s lawn care market, Octane ensures that customers don’t have to wait long to see the results they desire. With rapid kill of weeds, visual symptoms are evident within 24 to 48 hours.


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