Get Equipped: New Battery-Powered Landscaping Solutions 2023

This assortment of battery powered equipment and solutions can add value to the professional lawn care and landscaping services you offer your clients.

From the April 2023 Issue

These battery power-related lawn care and landscaping solutions can help you as you convert your business from gas tools to an electric system.

battery powered lawn care and landscaping equipmentSimplicity BlueVolt™ CZ1

The BlueVolt™ CZ1 is the only battery-powered zero turn with full suspension, featuring Simplicity’s patented Suspension Comfort System™. It comes in 42″ and 48″ deck sizes, both with steel rear bumpers. A Vanguard 3.5kW battery powers the CZ1 which can be charged with a standard outdoor extension cord (Type B) in a 110V outlet, meaning there is no need to install a charging station. The zero turn’s onboard charger provides a fast charge time of 3.5 hours and run time on a full charge is up to two hours or up to 3.5 acres. The CZ1 has speeds up to 7 MPH and three blade speeds allowing users to adjust for grass types and conditions.

battery powered lawn care and landscaping equipmentRC Mowers AMR

The Autonomous Mowing Robot™ from RC Mowers directly addresses the labor availability problems in the landscaping industry. Key features include: 60″ Cut; Kawasaki FX730V, 23.5 HP, 726cc Engine; Hydro-Gear® ZT-3200 Transmission; and 5-gallon Fuel Tank. The AMR mows 1.5 to 2.2 acres per hour and has a 500′ operating range. The App Controller allows for real-time mowing progress and estimated completion time. The App also provides the ability to set striping direction, overlap width, and mowing speed; and edit mowing plans and view fuel status. The AMR also includes an anti-collision safety system and object detection.

RYOBI™ 80V HP30″ Self-Propelled Multi Blade Lawn Mower

RYOBI’s first walk behind mower, the 80V HP30 has a 30″ cut width. Other features include: one-touch folding technology, single-point height adjustment, an integrated mulch plug, and a self-propelled function. With up to 90 minutes of runtime, the 80V HP30 will deliver true gas performance by combining the power of 80V lithium batteries, advanced electronics, and brushless motors. It comes with one 80V 10Ah Battery and 80V Super Charger.

battery powered lawn care and landscaping equipmentHusqvarna CEORA™

CEORA™ is a robotic mower that operates through virtual boundaries with Husqvarna’s EPOS™ (Exact Positioning Operating System), an innovative satellite-based technology that enables the machine to work within virtual boundaries and independently mow up to 18 acres of grass day or night. As Husqvarna’s newest commercial autonomous innovation, CEORA™ provides a state-of-the-art solution for cutting commercial sports turf, campuses, and municipalities. CEORA will be available through Husqvarna and select dealers in early 2023.


Scythe M.52 Latest Edition

battery powered lawn care and landscaping equipmentThe latest generation M.52 features enhanced performance in battery capacity, durability, and technology. The latest generation of M.52 has demonstrated the capacity to mow all day (8 or more hours) on an overnight charge, reinforced chassis and casters, and a faster and more powerful computer system. Enhancements to the latest version of M.52 include next-generation electronics that allow the mower to process more data and do so faster. These advanced systems help M.52 respond to obstacles quicker, plan more efficient mowing paths, and get the job done faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Scag EVZ

battery powered lawn care and landscaping equipmentThe Scag EVZ electric-powered zero-turn riding mower is the first electric-powered unit in Scag’s mower lineup. The EVZ is powered by a Vanguard® 48V 5kWh Lithium-Ion commercial battery pack. The machine features Scag’s Hero™ cutter deck, Smartec® by HydroGear ZT-2800e™ electric drive system, and EVZ’s Smartec D2e™ cutter deck motors. The mower design ensures fewer grease points, no engine oil to change, and no belts to replace. Also included: standard LED lights and a full-featured display screen showing battery charge level, total hours of machine run time, and system diagnostics. Onboard Bluetooth capabilities offer remote troubleshooting through the Smartec Connect™ and Smartec MyMow® apps.

STIHL AL301-4 Multi-Charger

The AL301-4 Multi-Charger can sequentially charge up to four AP or AR batteries. Ideal for charging batteries overnight, in a workshop, or on the go, this charger helps keep professionals powered up and moving all day long—charging up to four AP 300 S batteries in just under five hours. Approved for mobile use, the AL 301-4 can simplify charging logistics between jobs. LED indicator lights help show when batteries are fully charged and ready to go, or if they are too hot or cold for use. With its sequential charging, the AL 301-4 uses a reduced amount of energy that enables plugging in up to three chargers on a single 15A/120V circuit. Can be mounted to a wall or shelf, or by stacking units up to three high.

battery powered lawn care and landscaping equipment

Volvo L20 Electric Compact Wheel Loader

The L20 Electric easily moves large items or amounts of material with its 1.05-cubic-yard standard bucket, forklift, grapple, or material handling arm. It will work several hours on an overnight charge, and automatically turns off when not in use to save power — and machine hours. The L20 Electric offers zero exhaust emissions and significantly lower noise levels, making it ideal for working in populated areas. And there’s no need for engine-related maintenance products like engine oil, oil filters, diesel particulate filters, and diesel exhaust fluid.

Lithium-Ion Battery StationDENIOS Lithium-Ion Battery Station

DENIOS, a manufacturer of storage containers for hazardous materials, introduces Lithium-Ion Stations. Designed specifically for lithium-ion batteries, they are ideal for storing new, questionable, damaged, defective, or End-of-Life lithium-ion batteries typically found in small handheld devices. Available in two standard sizes, they allow the storage and transportation of batteries from 1 KG to 10KG up to 100W, which are typically used in power tools. With two hours of fire resistance, and integrated forklift pockets for easy relocation, these purpose-built containers protect against fire hazards due to thermal runaway, deep discharge, mechanical deformation, or chemical reaction. Each unit includes thermo-dissipative media (class D fire), and visual identification on all sides. They protect employees, facilities, and the environment.

battery powered lawn care and landscaping equipmentOptimusZ™ 60″ 24kWh Stand-On Zero Turn Mower (CZ60S24X)
From Greenworks

At 65 HP, 12 MPH cutting speed, constant 19k FPM blade tip speed, and intelligent-power sensors that automatically adjust to the terrain, the OptimusZ™ 60″ 24kWh Stand-On Zero Turn Mower from Greenworks handles the toughest of jobs with ease. The CZ60S24X leverages a built-in 24kWh lithium-ion battery module to provide eight hours of run time, allowing operators to mow up to 21 acres on a single charge. The mower includes real-time 4G/GPS connectivity, enabling the most up to date data and fleet management via the unit’s software anytime, anywhere.