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Take a look at this assortment of business software that can improve and add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

business softwareAspire Crew Control From Aspire

Since 2013, Aspire Software has aimed to help landscape business owners reach their goals with Aspire Landscape, an end-to-end business management solution for larger landscaping companies with complex requirements. But what about smaller organizations with simpler needs? In January 2021, Aspire answered that question when the company acquired Crew Control, a scheduling solution built for small and growing landscape and lawn care businesses. The stand-alone solution does not overlap with the Aspire Landscape platform in any way. Aspire Crew Control is an easy, intuitive, and flexible application that simplifies the scheduling process while streamlining and improving communication with crews. In addition to ongoing improvements to navigation and reporting, a few of the latest features released in Aspire Crew Control include a weekly route planner map (color-coded by crew and day), the ability to attach videos to jobs in the platform, customer tagging, and bulk scheduling.

business softwareProperty Measurement From SingleOps

The new Property Measurement Tool in SingleOps software helps users create more accurate estimates for customers. Determine the square footage of an area using aerial photos to calculate production rates. Draw the boundary of a work area on the aerial image, and the tool calculates square footage, which then can be applied to custom inputs (e.g., labor rates, chemical usage, equipment usage). This feature allows users to accurately estimate the time and resources required for jobs, for more accurate proposals and work orders. Images captured in the property measurement tool can be attached to proposals or work orders to specify the exact areas of work, ensuring clear expectations between the customer and your crews.

business softwareQuoting Tools From Jobber

Jobber’s job tracking and customer management software allows landscapers to track crews, jobs, invoices, and more for efficient operation. New quoting features give landscapers the ability to create packages and incorporate optional add-ons for homeowners to choose from. Based on data from Jobber customers, quoting with add-ons has increased revenues from approved quotes by an average of 35%. Add-ons allow users to upsell homeowners with premium products, customization options, maintenance plans, and warranties. Images can be included to show what final designs will look like, as well as to provide clarity on products and materials for the job. Service providers that included images on their quotes saw nearly two times more revenue than those who did not. Homeowners can also be presented with tiered choices and designs ranging from basic to premium within quotes. Contractors can display descriptions, photos, and prices for every package to customers. Once a package or add-on is approved, quotes are updated automatically within the Jobber platform.

business software21.03 Update From LMN

The recent LMN 21.03 update features simplified settings, additional analytics and statistics, and added features for estimates. The green industry continues to grow in 2021, and LMN is helping business owners keep up. The company’s latest software update streamlines the user experience for customers and features improved analytics to inform more strategic business decisions. The 21.03 update was created based on specific user feedback and features: all settings moved to one location; new analytics section with four dashboards (Home, CRM, Estimates, Cost Codes); monthly account analytics sent to users via e-mail; and enhanced features to the estimating process. This update includes some of the key feedback LMN received from users.

business softwareSoil Testing Integration From Real Green Systems

Real Green Systems, provider of business operations software, has formed a partnership with Waypoint Analytical to provide precision soil testing and analytics integration to its flagship customer relationship management solution, Service Assistant 5 (SA5). SA5 users are able to mail soil test samples taken from customer properties to one of seven Waypoint Analytical facilities across the country. Once Waypoint tests and analyzes the sample, the results are automatically uploaded to SA5. In addition to a potential new revenue stream, providing soil testing enables lawn care and landscaping businesses to show customers that they are promoting healthy soil by testing before recommending a lawn care health plan. Waypoint Analytical is the largest agricultural laboratory group in the U.S. with labs operating 24 hours a day, with the ability to offer SA5 users fast turnaround and rigorous quality control. Waypoint Analytical joins the list of Real Green Systems partners, including Lawnbot, Captivated texting solutions, Linxup GPS technology, and American Profit Recovery—providing SA5 users access to business, sales, and marketing functionality through these integrations.

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