Get Equipped: GIE+EXPO™ Preview


Catering to landscape pros, dealers, and manufacturers, GIE+EXPO will be held next week, October 20-22, in Louisville, KY. Want a sneak peek at some of the newest equipment and highlights? See below!

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GIE+ EXPOFastback™ PRO Rear-Discharge Mower Deck From John Deere

The Fastback™ PRO Rear-Discharge Mower Deck for John Deere’s line of gas and diesel Z900 ZTrak™ Mowers offers a solution for rear-discharge placement of grass or debris. Available in a 60″ or 72″ cutting widths, the deck increases productivity and comfort without sacrificing cut quality. With rear-discharge design, the chance of damage is decreased and the amount of debris blown onto the operator is minimized. Additionally, the rear-discharge allows close mowing around fixed objects with either side of the deck. The commercial-quality, reinforced deep-deck allows a large volume of material to be thoroughly processed, while the baffling system reduces clumping and windrowing. The baffles surrounding each blade control and direct material as it moves to the rear. Materials are kept low and guided into the turf by the flexible rear shield. Two wheel and roller heights can be set, while the cut height can be adjusted from the operator’s station, ranging from 1″ to 5.5″. Quick-release belt covers provide easy access to the spindle pockets. With a single belt, and a center spindle accessible with a removable foot platform, servicing is quick.

Visit Booth #1110 Indoors or #7834D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

GIE+ EXPOKart Mate From Dawson Manufacturing

Stop pushing around wheelbarrows. The Kart Mate Pro can handle up to 500 pounds with its 10 cf tub and two large turf tires. It easily mounts to the front of a mower (with hitch sold separately). Now you can move mulch, stone, dirt, logs, or debris at the speed of your mower, and you’re not even walking anymore. The Kart Mate Pro articulates up/down and left/right to go over just about any terrain. Of course, it also dumps easily with its built-in handles. When you transport it, the entire Kart lifts vertically to fit in your trailer without taking up any more floor space. For a smaller version, there’s the Kart Mate RS with a 7 cf tub and one large turf tire. It can handle up to 250 pounds of capacity.

Visit Booth #1088 Indoors or #5532D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

SFC30 Walk-Behind MowerSFC30 Walk-Behind Mower From Scag Power Equipment

The Scag SFC30 Finish-Cut Walk-Behind mower features a 30″ cutter deck that is fully welded and fabricated using ultra-strong, military-grade steel. It’s equipped for 3-in-1 versatility—side discharge, mulching, and bagging. Kohler’s Command Pro CV224 engine delivers ample power, while the GT MV 702 transmission delivers dependable performance. The SFC30 is equipped with a blade brake clutch, allowing disengagement of the cutter blades without shutting off the machine. An easy-to-maintain design means that belt replacement takes less than half the time. A quick and convenient engine oil drain paired with Kohler’s Clean-Change™ System make for easy oil changes. An innovative, single-point, rider-style height-of-cut adjustment allows for cutting heights from 1.5″ to 5″ in .25″ increments; adjustment pin installs from the top for quick, easy changes.

Visit Booth #7104 Indoors or #6008D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

X1 Landscape BootX1 Landscape Boot From Kujo Yardwear

Kujo Yardwear, specializing in footwear for the yard, has released a boot specifically designed for landscapers. Kujo’s new X1 Landscape Boot is a lightweight and breathable boot for all day movement that still maintains functionality, safety, and water-resistance. Kujo credits this achievement to focusing exclusively on the Green Industry. Knowing exactly how the boots are going to be used and which features would be overkill, the company removed a lot of excess weight and focused on optimizing the performance for landscapers. In addition to the X1’s light weight, another feature that makes the X1 uniquely built for landscapers is the balance of breathability and water resistance. While the toe cap is 100% waterproof, the water-resistant mesh sides allow for breathability and heat release to fight fatigue. Originally launched in all black, Kujo released its Desert Sand color option this past Spring. (Turf’s managing editor received a pair of Kujo Yard Shoes and now wears them regularly for yard and gardening chores. She can attest to their all-day comfort.)

Visit Booth #24083 Indoors at GIE+EXPO.

Mini Hydraulic ExcavatorsMini Hydraulic Excavators From Cat®

Boosting operating efficiency, servicing ease, and operator comfort, the new Cat® 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR hydraulic mini excavators introduce new features for the 2.7- to 3.5-tonne class machines. Built on the Next Generation platform that offers a consistent operator experience through the 1.5- to 10-tonne range, each new model features exclusive stick steer, cruise control, operator adjustable settings, and tilt-up canopy or cab as standard. Expanded use of common parts throughout the line, plus a damage-resistant exterior construction, help to reduce parts inventory and lower repair costs. Daily maintenance checks are made from ground level through side doors, while the tilt-up cab design offers access to components for servicing. Increased service intervals mean these excavators spend more time on the job, less time in the workshop. Combined, these features lower total ownership costs up to 5%, while design enhancements deliver up to 10% more performance in travel and trenching. Hydraulic system upgrades improve lifting performance and cycle times, while customizable operator settings improve efficiency.

Visit Booth #3084 Indoors at GIE+EXPO.

Power RakePower Rake From Turf Teq

Designed from the ground up to help landscaping professionals save time and reduce labor needs, the Power Rake from Turf Teq makes quick work of tough fall tasks. Perfect for large raking jobs, seedbed prep, lawn renovation and more, it goes where larger skid steer and tractor-mount machines won’t fit. Best of all, it does the job without damaging healthy turf getting to the jobsite. With a 36″ wide, adjustable-height drum that pivots left or right, and an on-the-go differential lock for exceptional traction even on steep grades, it’s a productivity-enhancing addition to your trailer.

Visit Booth #9150 Indoors or #7443D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

Grapples From KIOTI GIE+EXPOGrapples From KIOTI

KIOTI’s first ever line of grapples include three compact and three standard-duty rake models. With widths ranging from 48″ to 72″ and jaw openings between 30″ and 41″, there are models to fit a wide variety of needs. Each model is made with AR400 steel teeth, allowing operators to grasp, lift, and move debris with ease. Compact single arm models include the KG2048, KG2054, and KG2060. They come in sizes: 48″, 54″, and 60″; with a jaw opening of 30″ to 33″; a closed height of 28″ to 33″; and 216 pounds to 251 pounds. Standard-duty single arm models include the KG4060, KG4066, and KG4072. They come in sizes 60″, 66″, and 72″; with a jaw opening of 41″; a closed height of 32″; and 286 pounds to 476 pounds.

Visit Booth #3212 Indoors or #7528D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

SZ-2 Series Mowers GIE+EXPOSZ-2 Series Mowers From Kubota

Kubota Tractor Corporation introduces the next generation of SZ Series commercial stand-on mowers with four new models: the SZ19NC-36-2 with a 36″ cutting deck; SZ22NC-48-2 with a 48″ cutting deck; SZ26NC-52-2 with a 52″ cutting deck; and the SZ26NC-61-2 with a 61″ cutting deck. Improvements to the SZ Series include adjustable cutting deck baffles, enhanced serviceability, and increased tire performance. The new adjustable baffles allow air intake adjustment of the cutting deck, which affects cut quality and movement of clippings into the bag, out the discharge chute, or onto the ground. Serviceability is improved by making key areas of the cutting deck easier to access and repositioning the hydraulic fluid reservoir inside the mower body. Also new are 23″ Zero T tires, featuring a unique tread pattern that provides great balance between handling, grip, and reduced turf impact.

Visit Booth #5084 Indoors or #7400D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

ATX530 Articulated Loader GIE+EXPOATX530 Articulated Loader From Vermeer

Vermeer compact articulated loaders (ATX) are designed to meet the need for highly maneuverable, versatile machines with low turf disturbance. These ATX machines, available in two sizes, also feature a telescopic boom, allowing great reach on the jobsite. With the multi-tool attachment plate, the loaders can complete various tasks, including landscaping, snow removal, and tree care work. The smaller ATX530 comes with a 25 HP Kubota D1305 diesel engine and has a telescopic boom that extends 21.6″ for loading materials to a dump height of 108.3″ at hinge pin height. It has a rated operating capacity (straight) of 933 pounds, while having a standard weight of 2,711 pounds with rear weights and without attachments. This lift-capacity-to-weight ratio allows contractors to use a lighter machine, while still being able to carry heavy materials on the jobsite. A larger loader, the ATX850, is also available.

Visit Booth #7138 Indoors or #7634D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

K-60XP GIE+EXPOK-60XP From RC Mowers

RC Mowers manufactures remote-operated robotic mowers for mowing steep slopes, difficult terrain, and other hazardous landscapes safely. The mowers comply with, or exceed, ISO and ANSI standards. The largest and most powerful mower, the TK-60XP, is designed for extreme job sites. Just some applications include: hillside maintenance; wetland and swamp preservation; embankments of retention ponds and dams; landfill slopes; and roadside mowing. The TK-60XP helps companies safely, quickly, and efficiently mow these areas, often leading to reduced injuries, decreased labor costs, and greater profitability. With a 35 HP engine and 60″ cutting width, it cuts brush up to 2″ in diameter at a speed of 4.5 mph. All RC mowers are 100% manufactured and serviced in the USA, have a 30-day buy-back guarantee and come with a 72-hour parts shipping guarantee.

Visit Booth #7024 Indoors at GIE+EXPO.

Vectorworks GIE+EXPOVectorworks 2022 From Vectorworks, Inc.

Vectorworks, Inc. releases Vectorworks 2022. Improvements in core technologies include: running natively on Apple’s silicon processors; full use of Metal on Mac and Direct X on Windows in the Vectorworks Graphics Module; Maxon’s Redshift Render Mode; and a new Direct Link to Twinmotion. Plus, a redesign of the attribute and snapping palettes and new per-face texture mapping support an intuitive process for creating and visualizing designs. As a BIM platform for landscape architecture, Vectorworks Landmark 2022 delivers more options for accurate modeling reflective of real-life design considerations. Improvements to the site model make it easier to define and report on soil layers. Updates to the plant tool, hardscape objects, and integrations with ESRI make it easier to produce landscape BIM models that leverage GIS workflows while meeting the demand to create sustainable sites.

Visit Booth #8188 Indoors at GIE+EXPO.

GIE+EXPOWB 700 Series & ZTs From Bobcat

Bobcat is unveiling three all-new commercial mid-size walk-behind mowers at GIE+EXPO. The WB700 series mowers shred grass and tough turf with a powerful Kawasaki FS series engine, operator-friendly controls, and updated hydraulic transmissions. The durability and quality of Bobcat’s zero-turn lineup is infused throughout these new machines, and contractors will be able to build a fully rounded-out fleet to tackle any turf job. Several zero-turn models have undergone enhancements since being launched last year. The ZT2000 and ZT3000 have: updated transaxles with internal overflow bottles; steel fabricated spindle assemblies; and improved control lever grips. The ZT3500 has updated transaxles with internal overflow bottles and steel fabricated spindle assemblies; and the ZT7000 includes new models with Kawasaki FX1000 EFI engines.

Visit Booth #3052 Indoors or #7506D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

GIE+EXPO is sponsored by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Inc. (OPEI), the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) and the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). It is also co-located with Hardscape North America. For more information, click here.

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