Get Equipped: Irrigation And Water Management


This assortment of irrigation and water management solutions can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services. 

HydroPoint BaseStation 3200HydroPoint BaseStation 3200™ Irrigation Controller

The BaseStation 3200™ site management controller provides users with more control and information than ever before. It supports patented two-wire technology from Baseline, as well as conventional wire and retrofit solutions. Its advanced flow management features and flexible communication options allow users to network devices through the Cloud or using a local area network. The BaseStation 3200 combines soil moisture sensor-based intelligent watering technology from Baseline with industry best practices. The BaseStation 3200 can help users reduce water use by up to 62%.

Irrigation and Water ManagementSeEPRO EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology

EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology is designed to intercept excess phosphorus from moving water to restore water quality. EutroSORB filters immediately begin working once deployed in a water resource. EutoSORB provides an efficient and economical solution to reduce phosphorus inputs, stop eutrophication, and protect water quality. EutroSORB and Phoslock® Phosphorus Locking Technology combine to provide comprehensive management solutions for both external and internal phosphorus.

Hunter Spiral Barb ElbowHunter Spiral Barb Elbows

Hunter Spiral Barb Elbow (HSBE) Fittings feature an innovative spiral-to-sealing barb design that makes them stronger and easy to install in any setting. The spiral barb expands into a single sealing barb that creates a leak-free connection and is designed to withstand pressures up to 80 PSI without leaks or breaks. The HSBE Fittings feature acetal material producing sharp barbs that grip the tubing better. They are compatible with Hunter FlexSG Tubing and other brands for a customized swing joint with no tools required.


Irrigation and Water ManagementToro Lynx ® Control System

The Toro Lynx® Control System was developed to address the challenges and changing priorities that operators face every day. The introduction of the Lynx Cloud and the Lynx Fusion provide greater operator convenience. Toro Lynx Cloud enables system updates and adjustments to be made from anywhere via smartphone or tablet. The “Find me” feature helps locate the closest sprinkler to the operator at any given moment, ensuring adjustments are made in the correct spot. Lynx Fusion allows two types of system to be combined and operated from one Lynx Central Control computer, allowing the flexibility to transition to a new system over time. Additional enhancements include: automated back-up to both the customer’s computer and the Cloud on a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis; customized Alarm notifications such as rain detected by the weather station; and map rotation.

Rain Bird Flow Indicating Basket FiltersRain Bird Flow Indicating Basket Filters

Winner of the Irrigation Association’s 2021 New Product Contest for Landscape Irrigation, Rain Bird’s new Flow-Indicating Basket Filter product line makes irrigation systems easier to install and maintain. They provide flow measurement, filtration, and integrated pressure regulation in an all-in-one, compact solution. Ideal for drip systems, the Filters are designed to work with any residential or commercial irrigation system with a flow range of 3.0 gpm to 20 gpm (11,4 to 75,7 L/m). A dial at the top of the filter cap provides diagnostic information about the zone’s operation. During irrigation system installation, contractors can use the basket filter’s accurate fl ow reading to simplify design and scheduling calculations. Then, by using the basket filter’s indicator bezel to mark that zone’s appropriate flow rate on the dial, they can also diagnose any future maintenance issues, such as weeping valves, system blockages, leaks/excessive flow, or a clogged filter. Cleaning the filter is easy due to its unique upright design, which also prevents debris from entering the downstream line during routine maintenance.

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