Get Equipped: Irrigation And Water Management


Take a look at this assortment of irrigation and water management products that can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

ESP-LXIVM Series From Rain Bird

Irrigation and Water ManagementRain Bird’s ESP-LXIVM Series consists of two easy-to-use controllers for two-wire irrigation systems that provide large, challenging sites with advanced water management tools and diagnostics. The standard model can support up to 60 stations, while the “Pro” model can manage larger sites with up to 240 stations. Both feature Rain Bird’s new Integrated Valve Module (IVM), a “smart valve” that maintains constant communication with the controller. The IVM also eliminates the need for a decoder, cutting the quantity of wire splices in half. The LXIVM’s diagnostics include a “Self-Healing” feature that automatically detects fixes to wire path and splice issues and restarts irrigation without manual intervention. A “Two-Wire Mapping” feature maps integrated devices to corresponding wire paths to find and resolve issues. Supported field devices include the IVM-SOL, IVM-OUT, IVM-SEN, and the IVM-SD. Advanced flow management tools alert users to high- and low-flow conditions and manage hydraulic demand.

Simplicity3hp From Munro

Irrigation and Water ManagementThe Munro Simplicity series pump stations offer low-maintenance, high-value, and professional-grade design. The new 3hp model fits a niche for smaller commercial, agricultural, and residential irrigation systems that can benefit from the control and energy efficiency offered by a VFD (variable frequency drive). These self-contained UL-QCZJ pumping stations are simple to specify with high quality specs and drawings available, simple to install with free phone-in commissioning support, and simple to maintain with maintenance support training and tools. The pump is a critical component for many irrigation systems, and these lower horsepower packaged pump stations with integrated VFDs fit an industry need.

Output Modules From Hunter

Irrigation and Water ManagementGet more out of Hydrawise® enabled HPC Controllers with two output modules that offer simple system expansion and affordable two-wire control. The PCM-1600 and PC-DM Output Modules make the HPC a flexible and affordable WiFi enabled controller that’s an ideal solution for residential and light commercial projects. With the PCM-1600 Output Module, you don’t have to replace the controller to add more zones. Simply plug it in to enable control for up to 23 conventional stations. The HPC Controller is now compatible with Hunter’s EZ Decoder System. Contractors can add the PC-DM Output Module to an HPC-400 Controller to enable two-wire control and expansion up to 32 stations. The HPC lets contractors continue using their Roam and Roam XL remotes. Among the controller’s features is Predictive Watering™, which adjusts irrigation schedules based on local, real-time temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity. A built-in milliamp sensor makes troubleshooting wiring issues easy. Users can manage the controller from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

RPS Select Rotor From K-Rain

Irrigation and Water ManagementWinner of the Product Innovation Award at the International Sustainable Irrigation Expo (EIRS) tradeshow, the K-Rain RPS™ Select rotary sprinkler is a gear-driven sprinkler that makes matched precipitation fast and easy, without the need to change nozzles in the field. It offers a choice of four selectable built-in nozzles. With a twist of a flathead screwdriver, select the correct nozzle to match the arc setting of the sprinkler or landscape. There are no nozzle trees to carry or lose. Using a combination of the four nozzles, users can achieve matched precipitation across all arc settings. The four built-in nozzles also make RPS™ Select a convenient universal replacement sprinkler for other brands. The Universal Riser Assembly fits into existing Hunter® PGP® and PGP® Ultra cans.

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