Get Equipped: Landscape Lighting


This assortment of landscape lighting products can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

WAC Landscape Lighting Surface Mount Indicator LED Light Fixtures

landscape lightingThe easy to install WAC Landscape Lighting Surface Mount Indicator LED Light Fixtures mount directly on top of any desired surface. The LED 2″ 12 Volt Indicators are round and directional, providing soft, diffused illumination washes over walkways and other exterior spaces. The Indicator LED Light Fixtures have an IP68 rating and are able to withstand continuous immersion underwater with their factory sealed watertight construction. Various styles and either warm 2700K or pure white 3000K color temperatures are available. Offered in 90 CRI with a 60,000-hour rated life, the luminaries are available in stainless steel or bronzed stainless steel finishes and come with a 10′ lead wire.

landscape lightingBrillianceLED Sector Selector

The Sector Selector creates specific sectors or zones that can be controlled independently from a single transformer. For new or retrofit projects, it splits a single transformer into four separate zones with up to 200 Watts per sector. The Sector Selector can separate a front yard from a back yard; or independently control lighting for: water and architectural features; outdoor kitchens; pool and spa areas; outdoor decks/seating areas; or path and garden lighting. Sector Selector can be added to existing 8-25 Volt landscape lighting systems as an instant upgrade and can work with all manufacturer’s transformers. More than one Sector Selector can be used in a landscape lighting system if needed. Rated IP 65 and designed to work for all weather conditions, it has a vault-like cabinet that protects internal components from moisture and dust, and the circuit board is coated to resist humidity and dust.

landscape lightingSOURCE by CAST Bollard Path Light

CAST Lighting’s SOURCE by CAST Bollard Path Light (SBOL1) features a field adjustable beam angle. The fixture is 18″ high with an overall diameter of 1.77″. It has a brass body with an aged bronze finish, integrated CREE 2700K LED, and 3-Watt lamp encased in a fully sealed LED chamber. The beam angle can be easily adjusted in the field to fit any need by simply removing the top, slightly turning an adjustment screw, and replacing the top. It comes with a large talon stake and a 5′ lead, #18-2 wire.

FXLuminaire Strip Light

The SRP RGBW Strip Light makes it easier than ever to illuminate stair ledges, outdoor patios, hardscape elements, and more. Available in beautiful colors, all required accessories are included for seamless installation. When installed with the SRP-CC Color Controller, the SRP RGBW Strip Light is compatible with the next-generation Luxor® Controller or any traditional low-voltage transformer for unmatched color-changing effects. Standalone Mode can be used with EX, PX, and DX models as well as any standard low-voltage transformer, allowing users to manually set Hue, Saturation, and Intensity values. SRP Strip Lights reduce setup to three simple tasks: insert the LED spacer, slide the splice connector into the strip plate, and snap the connector clip in place.

landscape lightingCityScapes® NatureScreen® Plant Trellis Systems With LED

NatureScreen® Plant Trellis Systems provide a durable, long-lasting foundation for plants to thrive and the newest NatureScreen innovation is enhanced with integrated LED lighting and a 90° corner frame. Energy-efficient LED lighting is thoughtfully integrated into the trellis system to provide beautiful side and down lighting that can withstand the elements. NatureScreen can be integrated into CityScapes wall systems and planters and is available in three distinctive styles that can be customized to meet the design needs of the building. Within each system, extruded aluminum frames prevent rusting and industry-leading 10ga/8ga/6ga wire mesh provides added strength. NatureScreen is available in six standard colors or can be color-matched to meet the project’s specifications.

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting TCS Landscape Lighting Transformer

Available in 150 Watt or 300-Watt configurations, Vista’s TCS landscape lighting transformer combines the features of a standard transformer with the capabilities of a WiFi-enabled lighting control system. It allows for both zone power and control in a single controller box, saving on installation time and space with a better overall aesthetic. A free, downloadable Vista Cloud app allows the TCS to be controlled by mobile devices from anywhere. The TCS features three individually programmable 12 Volt zones that feature dimming capability and astronomical timing. A fourth “Smart Zone” terminal supplies 15 Volts of uninterrupted power for WiFi-enabled smart fixtures and smart lamps with their own control feature. The TCS is designed to control LEDs, but works just as well with halogen and incandescent lamps. The TCS has eight, large, enclosed output terminals and wiring raceway. Its WiFi antenna has a range of 100′ and a 2.4 GHz band. Multiple LED indicators communicate the TCS’s status. The transformer’s weather-proof, powder-coated, stainless-steel enclosure measures a compact 10¼” H x 9¾” W x 5½” D.