Get Equipped: Pro Lawn Spreaders, Sprayers & Seed For 2023

This assortment of professional lawn spreaders, sprayers & seed can help your team work more efficiently, add value to services you provide clients.

From the April 2023 Issue


This assortment of professional lawn spreaders, sprayers & seed can help your team work more efficiently, add value to services you provide clients.

Lawn Spreaders Sprayers & Seed

Ferris Pathfinder XC FS2200

The Ferris Pathfinder XC FS2200 stand-on spreader/sprayer releases both dry and liquid fertilizers. Its durable, 100% stainless steel frame resists corrosion from the chemicals distributed by the Pathfinder. With a 200-pound dry Spyker Hopper and 1.4 acres of liquid capacity all in a compact size, the Pathfinder marries productivity with best-in-class maneuverability. The unit also has easy-to-adjust spray widths from 3′ to 10′. Its low center of gravity enables the unit to hug sloped terrain while its compact 36″ width allows easy access through gates and onto trailers.

Bermudagrass SeedPure-Seed + Atlas Turf International Sun Queen Bermudagrass

Sun Queen, the new release from the breeding program of Pure-Seed Testing, Inc. delivers elite seeded Bermudagrass, with reliable growth, maximum protection, and advanced playability and appearance. Consistently ranked as a top establishing Bermudagrass in NTEP trials, Sun Queen provides rapid grow-in. Sun Queen withstands extreme heat, offers dependable drought tolerance, and offers proven disease resistance. Sun Queen features a beautiful dark green color, refined leaf texture, and early Spring green-up. For added assurance during the grow-in stage, Sun Queen is protected by PureCoat+™ water absorbent seed coating which guards the seed against environmental pressures and provides faster germination, quicker establishment, and improved water efficiency for stronger, healthier plants.

Lawn Spreaders Sprayers & Seed

Milwaukee’s M12™
Handheld Sprayer

Milwaukee Tool’s new M12™ 1- and 2-Gallon Handheld Sprayers provide pressure control without any manual pumping, allowing the user easy performance for multiple applications. The sprayer has three-modes to adjust between 20 – 80 PSI, reaches up to a 17″ vertical spray distance, and handles up to 80 gallons of spraying per charge. The M12™ Handheld Sprayer Powerhead is compatible with both the 1 Gallon and 2 Gallon Handheld Sprayer Tanks, allowing users to optimize the tank capacity to the application and premix multiple tanks. The sprayer also features an onboard measuring cup, a strainer that filters debris from entering the tank, and both vertical and horizontal wand storage.

Spreaders Sprayers SeedEarth & Turf Dri-Flo Drop
Spreader Series

Earth & Turf Products announces a new line of drop spreaders to spread dry, fine materials with 15 precise settings. The launch of the Dri-Flo drop spreader series is designed in 3′, 4′, and 5′ models to accommodate individuals looking to spread dry lime, seed, and fertilizer. The Dri-Flo line is modeled after the Conestoga stainless-steel drop spreaders. It aims for a more affordable quality option with a simpler build, leaving the box lid and 2nd agitator as options, changing to a 14 gauge painted steel box, and removing the main auger clutch. The line has a thick axle to handle full box capacities of lime and other heavy materials. Tall 23″ x 12″ tires offer an all-terrain option for straddling rows or going down ATV trails.

Stinger Gateway

Stinger Gateway Applicator

The Stinger Gateway Applicator’s turn compensation and ground-metered spread and spray capabilities deliver a new level of accuracy and safety. Stinger’s proprietary algorithm applies products precisely, regardless of speed or turning. The Gateway will automatically adjust the product rate over 100 times per second for granular and liquid applications. Digital OneTouch controls allow the operator to change the application pattern with one touch. The unit can be calibrated in five minutes or less with zero product loss. The Gateway’s 150-pound hopper with an integrated vibrator ensures smooth product flow and an adjustable spread shifter allows the operator to center the spread pattern on the machine without a tool. The 7HP Kohler command pro engine is directly coupled to a Hydro-Gear pump eliminating all belts.

SiteOneSiteOne’s LESCO 300 Truck
Mounted Sprayer

SiteOne® Landscape Supply’s LESCO® 300 Truck Mounted Tank Sprayer features a 300-gallon tank, all electric start and 6.5 HP Vanguard engine. The truck mounted design offers alternative efficiencies compared to a stand-on unit, such as easy towability and space-savings. Featuring a Hydra-Cell pump engineered to be trouble-free and low maintenance, the sprayer provides users a lifetime cost savings of up to $6,500 compared to traditional double diaphragm and piston pumps. The LESCO 300 is resistant to corrosive chemicals and features molded, peel-resistant measurement labels for easy reading. It also includes a waterproof, lockable storage compartment. The unit attaches to most truck models and covers a large application area.

Spreader Sprayers

Redesigned Z-Spray Stand-On Spreader Sprayers

Z Turf Equipment has redesigned its Z-Spray line of zero-turn stand-on spreader sprayers for 2023. The new low center of gravity design places the operator between the drive wheels, with the heaviest components placed low and centrally within the corrosion-resistant stainless-steel frame. A bi-directional boom is capable of springing both forward and back to avoid damage. The patented foam marker activation starts the foam marker and spray pump simultaneously whether using the toe switch or the panel-mounted rocker switch. A contoured operator pad and revised control layout provide increased comfort and economy of motion, while larger drive tires provide a smoother ride. The new Z-Spray machines are also designed to only need annual maintenance, with just one grease point.


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