Get Equipped: Small Engine & Handheld Equipment


Here are some of the latest Small Engine & Handheld Equipment introductions! Companies also exhibiting at GIE+EXPO, held October 20-22 in Louisville, KY, include Booth numbers. For more Get Equipped product introductions, including other GIE exhibitors, see GIE+EXPO Preview, Snow & Ice Management and Spreader, Sprayer & Seed Equipment.

Small Engine & Handheld Equipmen525DEPS MADSAW™ From Husqvarna

The MADSAW™ professional pole saw is designed with operator safety in mind, as it’s the first and only dielectric gas-powered pole saw individually tested to meet the OSHA standard for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution (OSHA 1910.269). (MAD is a commonly used industry term, an acronym for OSHA’s Minimal Approach Distances.) The MADSAW™ offers insulation to prevent electrical conductivity and extreme versatility with the ability to be operated aloft in a bucket, in-tree, as well as on the ground. Two available lengths make it easier for operators to access hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, the MADSAW™ provides innovative storability; a purposefully designed dielectric midsection can disconnect from the cutting head and powerhead, giving the operator the option to store the tool safely, in multiple locations within a utility or arborist truck.

Visit Booth #9094 or #11094 Indoors or #7800D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

Small Engine & Handheld EquipmenCS-4910 Chainsaw From ECHO

ECHO’s CS-4910 is the lightest 50 cc chainsaw of its class, weighing jut 10.4 pounds (without bar and chain). It also features 22% more power than its predecessor, the CS-490. Ideal for landscapers, the CS-4910 chainsaw can handle a wide variety of tasks, such as tree felling, limbing, firewood cutting, storm clean-up, pruning low-level branches, brush thinning, and fence post cutting. Main features of the CS-4910 include: a high-power 50.2 cc 2-stroke commercial-grade engine; professional features like magnesium crankcase, decompression valve, adjustable oiler, and more. The CS-4910 is available in 16″, 18″, and 20″ bar lengths.

Visit Booth #5112 Indoors or #7451D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

Small Engine & Handheld Equipmen36V Brushless Blower From Makita

Part of the Connector Series, the 36V Brushless Blower (CBU01Z) provides improved balance and reduced weight. By relocating the battery connection to an external source, the blower weighs less. The motor delivers up to 622 CFM and 157 MPH to move heavy debris. The blower delivers up to 80% more blowing force than a gas blower (when compared to Makita® model BHX2500CA). The cruise control lever with variable speed trigger adjusts between 0 and 530 CFM, and a speed lock provides continuous operation. The 3-stage telescoping nozzle features a downward end point to provide powerful air flow and reduce arm fatigue. Exclusive Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™), a protective seal inside the tool, is engineered to channel water and dust from key internal components.

Visit Booth #11138 Indoors at GIE+EXPO.

Small Engine & Handheld EquipmenHT2501 Hedge Trimmer From EGO

EGO introduces its new HT2501 hedge trimmer. With a 25″ long bar, it handles deep hedges with ease. But what really sets this trimmer apart is the user’s ability to rotate the bar 180˚ with five distinct stops along the way. The high efficiency brushless motor is powered by EGO’s top rated 56V arc lithium battery, which provides the power and performance of gas without noise, fuss, or fumes. The HT2501 trims hedges of all thicknesses thanks to its 1.25″ cut capacity with dual action steel blades that cut at 3200 SPM. Run time with the included 2.5 ah battery is 60 minutes. Recharge time is 50 minutes with included charger. The gearbox is serviceable. Warranty is 5 years on the tool/3 years on the battery.

Small Engine & Handheld EquipmenFSA 135 & 135R Trimmers From STIHL

Part of the new STIHL 135 professional battery platform, the FSA 135 and FSA 135 R battery-powered trimmers are assembled in America and are game changers for professional landscapers. The trimmers feature an on-board battery slot that can support both an on-board battery or a backpack battery for even longer run times. Paired with a brushless motor and the same drive and cutting components used in STIHL professional gas trimmers, these units deliver professional cutting performance and weight comparable to STIHL gas units with zero exhaust emissions and low noise. These trimmers are versatile for different cutting applications, including trimming, cutting, and weed clearing.

Visit Booth #5068 Indoors at GIE+EXPO.

Small Engine & Handheld EquipmenAirion 3 Blower From Pellenc

Weighing 5.6 pounds, with a patented design and tough turbine body in magnesium alloy, the Airion 3 blower is easy to use and durable in any conditions. Designed to meet professional demands for reliability, power, and efficiency, the Airion 3 blower has angled suction to be used for several hours without fatigue or tension, especially in the wrist. Quiet (only 79dB) and powerful, it has an effective thrust of 17.5 N and actual air flow of 9 ft3/sec with the round nozzle. Four interchangeable nozzles offer different uses. See the battery life remaining by pressing on the speed selector switch (1 to 4 LEDs). A sealing level of IP54 protects it from dust and rain, and tough PP copolymer intake and outlet hoses provide greater shock resistance (15 joules).

Visit Booth #11200 Indoors or #6360D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

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