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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a look at these four Spreaders & Sprayers that can improve your professional lawn care services.

Lean-to-Steer Spray Master From Toro®Spreaders & Sprayers

Get precise spreads, consistent liquid flows and easy lean-to-steer control with Toro’s new Spray Master. Eliminate the need for a manual pressure regulator and get precise liquid and granular spreads with Toro’s industry-first electronic smart controls. You’ll enjoy clog-free, consistent liquid flow rates with an auxiliary pump that delivers two gallons/minute and up to 10 PSI for constant tank agitation. The sprayer also offers stall protection and maintains a constant speed during dry spread applications. Check your fluid levels with just a glance with transparent white tanks. Make adjustments on the fly with one hand thanks to control forward/reverse and left/right steering. You’ll also ride in comfort with a custom-stitched operator seat pad. And you’ll save on equipment costs since this sprayer is designed to work seamlessly on any sized property. “We’re thrilled to offer the ultimate precision and productivity with smart e-control,” says Senior Marketing Manager Chris Vogtman. “We know the keys to productivity is intuitive and easy-to-use controls, and the all-new lean-to-steer Spray Master delivers.” View Toro’s latest mower introductions and upgrades here.

Spreaders & SprayersZ-Spray LTS Spreader From Z Turf Equipment

The new Z-Spray LTS spreader sprayer is based on Exmark’s stand-on spreader sprayer design, updated with new controls for easier, more precise application settings. Constant agitation in the tank from two induction nozzles ensures materials are kept in suspension for consistent spray performance, even when using wettable powders and other dry-flowable materials. The lean-to-steer design enables the operator to control speed and direction with one hand, freeing the other hand to adjust controls, or perform spot treatments with the spray wand. A proven Spyker spreader system features an adjustable spinner speed, and is capable of broadcasting dry materials between four and 22′. The hopper can carry up to 175 pounds of material, with space to carry up to 50 pounds of bagged material atop the tank. The spray system features separate, selectable narrow (5.5′) and wide (11′) spray nozzles, making it versatile enough to be used on nearly any property. The 20 gallon tank is easy to fill and drain, with molded-in graduations for accurate mixing. Other features include a corrosion-resistant stainless steel main frame and powder coated control tower, stainless steel operator platform, with isolation mounts for a more comfortable ride, and a single-cylinder Subaru EX27 commercial engine.

Maverick 2 From Graham Spray EquipmentSpreaders & Sprayers

The Maverick 2, Graham Spray Equipment’s latest spray rig, eliminates the hazards and hassles of using a trailer for a ride-on spreader/sprayer. The 400 gallon flatbed rig boasts a carrier and fold-down ramp to accommodate ride-on equipment, for better maneuverability and greater safety on the road and in the field. The Maverick 2 also features: a 400 gallon fiberglass tank (with 290/110 gallon split); a roomy eight foot by 10′ bed for easier access to equipment and greater storage capacity; dual pumping stations; and a large under-bed aluminum storage box. “The Maverick is a great alternative for guys who are still growing their lawn care businesses and for larger companies that want to expand their fleets but don’t need the largest rigs available,” explains Dave Arnett, Graham’s sales manager.

Spreaders & SprayersRB-60 From ECHO

A pro-grade spreader at an affordable price. The RB-60 is an easy-to-use broadcast spreader that is packed with pro features and is ideal for those that want professional-grade quality at a reasonable price. This durable spreader features a 60 pound hopper that spreads 25,000 square feet of material in a spread pattern up to eight feet. Other features include 10” pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability, a spring controlled chute lever, and a side deflector. A heavy-duty agitator prevents clumping of material in key applications including fertilizer, seed, pesticide, and herbicide. Weighing 22.4 pounds, the RB-60 is super easy to assemble (takes less than one minute!) and has a commercial “t-handle” frame for comfort and control.

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