Glyphosate Alternative Touted By Four Turf Managers

Before and After images of application of EcoMIGHT W.O.W. Photo from EcoMIGHT.

These days, many landscape clients are looking for glyphosate based herbicide alternatives, but still want spectacular looking properties. In Massachusetts, four different turf managers recently reported their results after using a new organic, non-toxic weed killer called EcoMIGHT, after the first peak growing season.

Lawn Care Expert
Tom Phillips, owner of a Wicked Green Lawn Care in Norton, MA, wanted to be environmentally friendly, but echoed the thoughts of many in the industry that, “Organics don’t work.”

A former superintendent at several premier Boston area country clubs and graduate of UMASS Stockbridge, Phillips is considered an expert in the industry. “I was very surprised,” he said.”I was expecting poor results and got excellent results instead.” He added, “EcoMIGHT’s product has a residual effect of 60 to 90 days, which means you don’t have to reapply for two to three months. That’s unheard of in the organic product lines.”

Golf Courses

EcoMIGHTTom Stone, superintendent of Indian Pond Country Club, an 18-hole championship golf course in Kingston, MA , also found EcoMIGHT to be effective. According to Stone, “I’ve found EcoMight’s Whack Out Weeds! (W.O.W.) to be just as effective [as glyphosate]. It means pure death to the weed.”

Another course, Needham Golf Club in Needham, MA, used EcoMIGHT to kill woody weeds. “I was very impressed with the results that I achieved in the areas where I used the [EcoMIGHT] product,” said Tim Hood, Needham Golf Club superintendent. “I noticed a systemic impact on woody plants.”

Town of Plymouth
Last year, the officials in the Town of Plymouth voluntarily stopped using glyphosate based herbicides. “We wanted an alternative that was safe for our employees and friendly to the whole community,” said Robert Birkenhead Jr., highway foreman for the Town of Plymouth.

The Town sprayed about 300 gallons of EcoMIGHT’s W.O.W. on miles of city property where the town struggles to control the growth of poison ivy, poison sumac, and other invasive weeds like hawthorn. “The EcoMIGHT product killed those hard-to-treat weeds dead,” Birkenhead said. “We found that it takes a little longer for things to die off compared to glyphosate, but once weeds are dead, the areas stay clear for longer periods of time.”

EcoMIGHT products are designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as minimum risk exempt, which means they “pose no harm to human health or the environment” when used as directed. EcoMIGHT makes Mosquito & Pest “INTERRUPTER” and Whack Out Weeds! (W.O.W.)

Independently tested and approved by the Florida School Plant Management Association (FSPMA), EcoMIGHT is being used in municipalities and school districts across the U.S., including two of the top 10 largest school districts in the country.