Intelligro Unveils WEEDfree, a Hybrid Broadleaf Herbicide


Intelligro launched CIVITAS WEEDfree Brand concentrate at the 2015 GIE+EXPO. The company describes the liquid product as “the first and only hybrid selective herbicide” for the professional lawn care and landscape markets.

WEEDfree is a liquid 3-way product containing 2,4-D (0.885 percent), Mecoprop-p (0.573 percent) and dicamba (0.109 percent). The reason why the rates of these popular actives are so low—75-80 percent lower than some competing herbicides—is due to Weedfree’s the product’s patent-pending microtechnology (Microtechnology+), said Reinie Drygala, manager of lawn care and agriculture for Intelligro. The micro particles aids the actives to penetrate the leaves of weeds.

Drygala said the product has been thoroughly tested by researchers and has proven to be effective against 60 listed broadleaf weeds in spite of containing a much lower percentage of actives. Visible control of young, growing weeds are usually visible within 12 hours of application, according to the company.

“When you look at our label we have no signal word, no danger word, no caution word. The EPA has listed this as list 4, the lowest cause of concern out there as an EPA registered product,” added Drygala.

“There is also a white emulsion that goes along with this,” he continued. “This is a big thing with applicators. They want to know where they have placed product. They don’t want to overspray because that causes problems for them. This white emulsion allows them to see where they have sprayed so they will have no under spray and no overspray.” The emulsion, which has a surfactant allowing the product to stick to weed leaves, dissipates within a few minutes, he added. You can get on the lawn as soon as it dries.

Drygala said another feature of WEEDfree is that it has virtually no odor.

“The unique technology leveraged provides an opportunity for those looking to differentiate and grow their business based on affordability, efficacy and being first to market with innovative technology rooted in resource maximization,” he continued.

WEEDfree should not be used on bentgrass or on Floratam, a cultivar of St. Augustinegrass.

Intelligro, which is offering WEEDfree, is the turf and agricultural subsidiary Suncor Energy, based in Alberta, Canada, and has been supplying plant health products to the agricultural market for more than 20 years and a fungicide to the golf market since 2009.