Jeffrey Scott Inducted Into Consulting Hall of Fame


jscott_logoWashington, DC – Jeffrey Scott was voted by his peers into Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame. This honor was announced at a ceremony at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC conducted by Alan Weiss, PhD, the globally-acclaimed “consultant’s consultant.”

Criteria for membership in this elite group are:

  • Serving as an exemplar to others in the profession.
  • Manifesting the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and accountability.
  • Achieving significant annual revenue and profit improvement.
  • Contributing intellectual capital to the consulting profession.
  • Engaging in continuing, challenging, personal and professional development.
  • Taking prudent risk and demonstrating resilience.

Scott was honored as a leader in consulting, based on his measurable accomplishments in client results, professional contributions, and intellectual property.

Scott prides himself on serving as an example to others in his profession while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, ethics and accountability. He continues to challenge himself, personally and professionally.

Scott is a Trailblazer for the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and he is an Ambassador for the Academics Excellence Foundation (AEF), an organization that commits itself to educating the next generation of Landscape Professionals.

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