JLG SmartLoad Telehandlers


SmartLoad Technology from JLG® Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company and global manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telehandlers, is currently available for its 1644 and 1732 (pictured) high capacity telehandlers. It will be available as an option on all JLG models over the next 12 months.

SmartLoad is an advanced bundle of three integrated technologies that work together to increase operator confidence and optimize productivity. This system includes automatic attachment recognition, a load management information system, and a load stability indicator.


The automatic attachment recognition allows a telehandler to identify an attachment and display the appropriate load chart to the operator. The load management information system (LMIS) graphically depicts the location of the load within the load chart and assists the operator in navigating the boundaries of the chart. Finally, the load stability indicator (LSI) works in conjunction with the LMIS to limit operation when a load becomes non-compliant.

“Having access to real-time load data gives operators added confidence on the jobsite,” said John Boehme, JLG senior product manager, telehandlers. “SmartLoad Technology can also save fleet owners from costly repairs that can occur when the machine is overloaded.”

SmartLoad is one of many accessories and attachments available for JLG telehandlers. Other optional technologies include:

  • JLG® G5-18A attachments, including side shifting carriage, dual fork positioning carriage, dual bailing tine carriage, coupler mounted lifting hook, coupler mounter auger, and auger bits
  • Non-marking tires featuring excellent wear characteristics while providing protection against marking of sensitive areas
  • Fork-mounted extendable truss designed for lifting and placing objects around the jobsite, which is ideal for metal building erection, setting wooden trusses, putting up post frame buildings, and other “low rise” applications
  • Turf tires for JLG G5-18A telehandlers. Designed to be turf-friendly, these tires provide excellent traction and flotation with minimal ground disturbance, and are ideal for grounds maintenance at sports complexes and golf courses
  • Tire handler, which increases productivity by reducing or eliminating the manual labor involved with mounting, removal, or handling—attachment is currently available for JLG 1644 and 1732 high-capacity telehandlers
  • Positive air shut off is a suitable system for applications where flammable materials could potentially be drawn into the air intake system, resulting in potential engine damage