Landscape Management Network Announces New Crew App

Available for download on any smartphone app store, Crew can be used in Spanish or English.


CrewLandscape Management Network (LMN), a leading business management software built by landscapers for landscapers, has launched LMN Crew – a new app to ensure landscape teams are getting jobs done efficiently and accurately every day.

Crew was developed using input from landscapers across North America, and further refined with hours of on-hand use under real-world conditions. Available for download on any smartphone app store, Crew can be used in Spanish or English and is an easy-to-use time and job-tracking platform. It connects seamlessly with LMN to drive accountability and productivity, all while giving business owners the insights they need to take their companies to the next level.

Key features of LMN’s new Crew App include:

  • View schedules, routes, and jobs while tracking task progress and crew performance.

  • Provide your teams with everything they need to complete jobs including instructions, notes, files, individualized feedback, and more.

  • View a complete history of work on a specific job across all of your teams and receive real-time updates.

  • Improve communication between office and on-site teams with easy access to important files and photos about each job.

  • Real-time Job Costing – Track the hours, cost of materials, and equipment usage for accurate job costing and billing, allowing you to know exactly where you need to improve or lean in.

“Setting our crews up for success and still knowing what was going on in the field when I couldn’t be there was one of my biggest barriers to growth. That’s why we built Crew, the most advanced and intuitive time-tracking app in the industry” said LMN CEO and Founder Mark Bradley. “This is just the beginning for Crew as well, stay tuned for even more features to roll out each month as we continue to improve and develop this industry-leading platform.”

For more information about LMN and the new app, visit


Look for an article with LMN’s Janna Bradley in the December issue of Turf. Arriving soon!



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