“National Aerate Your Lawn Day” Resources Include Bid Calculator


aerateRYAN® is offering resources to help LCOs and landscapers add aeration services to their businesses this Fall. RYAN is promoting National Aerate Your Lawn Day, which falls on September 17th this year, as an education effort for both contractors and homeowners about the importance of aeration.

RYAN has revamped a dedicated campaign website giving landscape contractors additional resources to help grow their businesses. The tools include talking points on the benefits of aeration, product information, and an aeration bid calculator. The bid calculator is designed for professionals who are getting into the aeration business, and shows them how to bid jobs accurately and competitively.

Even though the holiday is only one day, RYAN’s goal is for landscapers to take advantage of the entire aeration season, which spans from August through October depending on the area of the country.

“If lawn and landscape professionals aren’t offering aeration services, they’re missing a great opportunity to make more money and extend their season,” said Ron Scheffler, senior product manager for RYAN. “Since aeration is most popular and effective in the spring and fall, they can fill in slower spots in their schedule and help their customers have healthier lawns in the process.”

According to RYAN, aeration helps the soil get better access to water, air, and fertilizer. It also gives roots more room to grow stronger and deeper. World-renowned turf professional Matt Shaffer also adds, “If you’re seeding in the fall, you’ll want to aerate first. Bringing more of the soil to the surface and getting better seed-to-soil contact greatly improves germination.”

“With our wide range of aerators—from walk-behinds with Easy Steer Technology to our Lawnaire ZTS stand-on aerators—we’re proud to help our professional customers grow their businesses,” added Scheffler. “Ultimately this holiday is about helping our customers be successful.”

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