RYAN Announces “National Aerate Your Lawn Day” Campaign


RYAN® has announced its National Aerate Your Lawn Day campaign for 2020. The “holiday”—falling on September 19—gives lawn care professionals resources and a reminder to educate customers about the importance of aeration. It also helps lawn care professionals grow their businesses with new service offerings. RYAN manufactures turf renovation equipment for rental, golf, sports turf and lawn care professionals.

The campaign features a dedicated website which supports lawn and landscape business owners as they seek to sell aeration services. The tools include talking points on the benefits of aeration, product information, and an aeration bid calculator. The bid calculator shows professionals how to bid jobs accurately and competitively.

National Aerate Your Lawn Day
(Photo: RYAN)


“Aeration, first and foremost, is an essential practice for optimum lawn health, but it also helps business owners grow and diversify their services towards the end of the mowing season,” said Ron Scheffler, Senior Product Manager for Doosan Bobcat, parent company of RYAN. “We’re bringing back some great resources to empower our professional customers to have confidence in their aeration efforts.”

Although National Aerate Your Lawn Day is only observed for one day, the aeration season often spans from August through October depending on the area of the country.

Industry experts say that the fall season is the best time of year to aerate. The lawn experiences minimal stress during the fall and can easily withstand the aeration process. In the fall, many people seed their lawns, and aeration is a great way to increase the effectiveness of seeding. Additionally, aerating before winter in northern states helps a lawn prepare to withstand a long, cold winter.

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