Minnesota “Lawns To Legumes” Accepting Applications


Minnesota landscapers, heads up! Here’s something to make your clients aware of: The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) is once again accepting applications for the Lawns to Legumes program. The state-wide program, which aims to increase habitat for at-risk pollinators in residential settings, means your clients can potentially be reimbursed for up to $350 in costs associated with establishing new pollinator habitats in their yards. Recipients are required to contribute a 25% match in  hiring a landscaper (you), purchasing materials, or as in-kind time spent planting and maintaining their projects.

This presents an eco-friendly and cost-saving opportunity for clients, while giving landscapers an opportunity to upsell services and showcase their garden design skills.

The program also provides workshops, coaching, and gardening resources. The new application period is now open. “This program empowers Minnesota residents to make a difference for pollinators in their own living spaces,” BWSR Executive Director John Jaschke said. “Lawns to Legumes offers options for Minnesotans to put conservation on the ground in a way that works for them.”

Applications will be accepted through January 18, 2023 Notifications about funding decisions will be sent to project applicants in February. Those who do not receive funding are encouraged to pursue DIY projects using the many online resources, including BWSR’s Planting for Pollinators Habitat Guide, gardening templates, tips for selecting native plants and more. Apply online at Blue Thumb’s website.

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