Pets Love Lawns!


Here at Turf, we love our pets, and we know you do, too. It goes without saying that pets love lawns — running through the cool green grass and seeking new smells to explore.

Your lawn is a paradise for your pets — and we want to see them enjoying it! Use the hashtag #petslovelawns and show us photos of your pet alongside you at work or enjoying your lawn at home.

As fall begins, we know you’re all soaking up time outdoors, enjoying your own landscaped patios and yards in your down time. And if you’re outside, your pets are likely also enjoying the outdoors, too — either on the job with you or just relaxing under a shade tree. We asked fans of Turf on Facebook and Twitter to share photos of their furry friends. Here are some of our favorites:

Michael White got Nala from a customer who helped fund the SPCA. When White owned a fertilizing company in Tennessee, Nala was the office dog and loved riding along in the truck to meet customers.
Boone, who has lymphoma, loves when it’s time to water the plants.
Drew Standfuss with Green Scape Lawns in Whitehall, Michigan, has Dixie ride along.
From Joanna Benson Spencer, here is Toby, a Ganaraskan breed.
Steven Cooper shared this image of Blaze, a pure bred Belgian Malinois, playing with the sprinklers.
David Petti of Turf Pride Lawncare shared this photo of Norman and Baxter playing.
Our very own Editorial Director Nicole Wisniewski’s dog, Josie, enjoying the cool grass while playing outside.

Encourage your customers to share their #petslovelawns photos with you, too!