Podcasts: A Great Tool For Landscaping Professionals



Commercial Landscape Contracts
Mike Andes

Introducing the Turf Podcast! The inaugural episode entitled, “How to Get Commercial Contracts by Mike Andes” is available now on the Podbean, Spotify, Amazon Music and Podchaser apps and can be found by clicking here. In the podcast, converted directly from an article in the June 2022 issue of Turf magazine, landscape business educator, Andes reveals his strategies for winning commercial contracts.podcasts

Andes explains his use of the “blind estimate” approach to snagging potential commercial clients by providing property managers with work estimates—without being asked for it. It involves examining a property, noting potential improvements, and taking the initiative to submit a proposal. This strategy shows that time was taken to scrutinize the property and put thought into the potential job. It also takes the guess work out of the entire process, freeing up clients to focus on tasks other than their landscape upkeep and management. (For those who prefer to read the article, click here.)

Freeing up time is a key component of Turf’s entry into podcasting. We realize lawn and landscape professionals have little time to read in the busy season. Popping in ear buds or sound-canceling headphones, getting that mowing done, while also gaining new industry insights and strategies is the sort of multi-tasking that leads to true business growth. Having direct access to the most up-to-date information in a brand new medium provides an entirely new opportunity for anyone in the landscape profession.

Joe Raboine

Belgard®, has also recently dived into  podcasts with its series “Inside out with Belgard.” Hosted by outdoor design expert and Belgard’s Director of Residential Hardscapes Joe Raboine, the podcast dives into the latest trends in outdoor living and how contractors can maximize their business. In each episode, Raboine speaks with fellow industry experts and shares knowledge on the latest in outdoor design, products, business practices, tools, and more.

The first episode features a conversation between Raboine and John Lea, founder and CEO of Decksouth, as they explore the evolution of outdoor living contracting from siloed installation to full-service design and installation across hardscapes, decking, and more. It can be found by clicking here.