Pollinator License Plate To Fund Wildflower Highway Habitats


Here’s another way to support pollinators: Pennsylvania drivers and motorists who want to encourage  pollinators will soon be able to buy specialty license plates that fund wildflower habitats along state highways.

PA state Senator Carolyn Comitta introduced legislation that will create specialty pollinator license plates to help fund wildflower habitats along state highways.

Recently, the legislature unanimously approved and the governor signed into law Act 112 of 2022, creating the Pollinator Conservation Registration Plate and the Pollinator Habitat Program Fund. Based on legislation introduced by state Senator Carolyn Comitta and state Representative Kristine Howard, sales of the specialty license plates will support a new program to support the migration of pollinators by creating native grass and perennial wildflower-filled habitats along Pennsylvania state highways.

The Pennsylvania Pollinator Conservation License Plates will be sold for $38 in addition to the regular registration fee. $25 of the fee is dedicated to the habitat program fund.

“Protecting our pollinators is imperative,” Howard said. “By creating roadside native grass and perennial wildflower-filled habitats along our state highways, we will not only reduce maintenance costs, but beautify our state and protect our crops.”

“Pollinators are vital to environmental health, public health, and our very way of life,” Comitta said. “By cultivating new pollinator habitats, we are not only supporting these animals, but our food supply, our agriculture industry, and our economy as a whole.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will release additional information on the design of the new Pollinator Conservation  plates and how to purchase one in the next several months.

Several other states have created specialty license plates regarding the importance of pollinators. These include: Georgia, New Mexico, West Virginia, Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, and Oregon.

The Massachusetts Beekeepers Association is currently exploring a pollinator plate for its state. According to MBA, the organization cannot apply for the Pollinator plate until it has 750 pre-orders. Pre-orders consist of a completed application form for each plate along with a check for $40 for each. To express interest and provide feedback, visit the Pollinator License Plate Survey Form.

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