Get Equipped: Design-Build Equipment, Part 1


Take a look at this assortment of design-build equipment that can improve and add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

(This is the first of a two-part feature. Click here to view Part 2.)

Design-Build EquipmentExcavator Drum Mulcher Pro X
From Diamond Mowers

The Excavator Drum Mulcher Pro X is offered in 30″ and 50″cutting widths to accommodate excavator carriers from 4.5 to 10 metric tons. The attachment comes equipped with a Rexroth 63cc adjustable displacement hydraulic motor that provides impressive torque to power through material up to 8″ in diameter, while an abrasion-resistant AR 400 liner minimizes wear. Oversized, serrated skid shoes hang off the sides of the attachment head to control, position, and manipulate downed material for more effective processing. Its infeed system allows for optimum tree engagement and feeds materials from left to right as it sweeps the ground for greater productivity per pass and a desirable chip size.

John Deere G-tier Compact Wheel LoadersJohn Deere G-tier Compact Wheel Loaders

The new John Deere G-tier models, including the 184, 204, and 304 G-tier machines, come standard with limited slip differential, automatically engaging if one wheel loses traction. All G-tier models offer ground-level service and increased capacity fuel tanks to help simplify daily maintenance and keep machines up and running. The optional ride-control—which can be set to engage and disengage at certain speeds—reduces spillage over rough terrain and improves ride quality. The cab design is offered in both canopy and enclosed configurations and features a frameless, fully glass door, floor-to-ceiling front windshield, and remounted machine display. The cab also includes improved air conditioning systems and ergonomic low-effort controls. Additional features include an adjustable steering column, slip-resistant steps, and an optional LED lighting package.

Design-Build EquipmentHonda EU3200i Generator

Perfect for any jobsite, the high-output Honda EU3200i offers a range of conveniences: quick and easy two-step starting; remote smartphone monitoring and control; exceptional fuel efficiency; long run times; and simplified maintenance. The EU3200i provides 3,200 watts of power in a compact 22.5″ x 12″ x 17.8″ package with integrated upper and lower handles and a weight of 59.1 pounds. The no-choke design requires only a flip of a switch and a pull on the recoil rope to power the unit on. Monitor and control the unit easily with built-in Bluetooth® connectivity combined with the exclusive Honda My Generator Bluetooth® App. The Honda EU3200i is equipped with a 1.2-gallon fuel tank and can operate for as long as 3.3 hours at rated load and 8.6 hours at ¼ load.

ASV Smooth CTL Turf TracksASV Smooth CTL Turf Tracks

With a combination of greater ground surface area and the benefits of ASV’s Posi-Track® undercarriage, Turf Tracks can achieve equal or better traction than treaded tracks on dry surfaces. ASV Turf Tracks can minimize damage to topsoil and root systems, allowing for faster job completion in landscape, hardscape, and golf course applications. ASV’s green Turf Tracks have a completely smooth design and are manufactured from a specialized blend that resists cracking, provides traction, and maximizes overall life. The rubber tracks also eliminate rusting and corrosion. Durability is maximized through seven layers of embedded puncture-, cut-, and stretch-resistant material. Available for the RT-25, RT-40, RT-50, RT-65, and VT-70 High-Output models.