Whether you need to spot-spray ornamentals around a home or fertilize an entire lawn, you’ll find the equipment you need in this month’s Product Focus on Spraying Equipment.

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Graham Lawn Equipment

Sprayer models include a 600-gallon skid unit, a 300-gallon spray unit and spray trucks with a mechanically agitated, 600-gallon tank plus a jet-agitated, 100 or 200-gallon tank. With John Bean pressure regulators, ChemLawn guns with nozzles, Hannay reels, Honda engines and Tuflex fiberglass tanks.

Ground Logic

The Pathfinder spreader/sprayer features a Honda engine, 12-gallon spraying capacity and 120-pound spreading capacity. Pressure controls on this machine allow the use of various spray tips and spray volumes. This machine also includes a dual-tip spray bar and a spot spray wand as accessories.

Green Pro Solutions

Sprinter sprayer systems allow operators to spray from curbside or the rear, or both. Multiple-tank systems are available, with electric or gas-powered pumps and capacities up to 5,300 pounds. They can be used for turf, tree or compost tea applications and are custom-designed to meet your needs.

Humboldt Industries

For 50 years, Humboldt has manufactured sprayers, and now offers a new line designed for landscapers. Each sprayer can be designed to fit the needs of the user. An example unit consists of a skid-mounted, 100-gallon poly tank, hydro 110 GPM pump and 5.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.


The 30-gallon JRCO Zero-Turn Sprayer quickly attaches to a mower with four clevis pins. The unit has a three-section breakaway boom, spot spray gun, high-capacity Udor diaphragm pump and 3.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Industrial Plus engine to provide plenty of power for all-day spraying.

L.T. Rich Products

A full line of Z-Spray spreader/sprayers ranges from the Z-Max, with 50 gallons of liquid capacity, to the Mini-Max, with 14 gallons. All models are built with stainless steel chassis, zero-turn steering, locking caster systems, hydraulic-drive spreaders, GPS speedometers and electric-start engines.


The Root & Surface Pest Controller comes in 4, 8 and 12-foot models. Features pressurized streams that spray from 1 to 2.5 inches deep, and quick hydraulic lift for easy transport. Punctures surface to root level while maintaining ability to use and harvest turf. Easily operated with a mid-size tractor.

Northeastern Arborist Supply

Sprayers, deep root feeders and plant health care products are one of the specialties of Northeastern Arborist Supply. The company has stock sprayers of all sizes available and also has the capability to custom-build sprayer units to customer specifications.

Northern Turf Equipment

The SS 220 Spread-n-Spray is powered by a 6.5 hp Honda engine and features a 20-gallon spray tank, 220-pound Spyker spreader, three spray patterns and hand-operated brakes. The spray system is configured with three pumps and regulators, each supporting its own broadcast spray tip.


The 2010 Triumph Spreader Sprayer is powered by a 5.5 hp horizontal-shaft engine and features all-stainless steel construction, an articulated sulky, low-drift spray system with 2 GPM pump and 35.5-inch width. It can cover 1 acre per fill-up, with a 12-gallon spray tank and 150-pound hopper.

Sprigger’s Choice

The Fumigator is designed to apply liquid products that need to be injected into the ground. The spring-loaded, swivel injection unit offers 5.5-inch spacing and 6-inch depth. It features a Hypro Silver pump, optional acreage counter, pressure gauge and regulator, and sealed loading and rinsing system.

Turbo Technologies

The Compost Tea Sprayer is designed specifically for compost tea and allows the operator to easily adjust the pressure for desired aeration of compost tea. The company offers a full line of turf and tree sprayers from 50 to 750 gallons with Comet or Kappa pumps, Honda engines and multitank configurations.


COMBO-RATE nozzle bodies have a modular design that allows multiple nozzle bodies to be stacked, or a single body to be combined with a multi-tip turret. The QUICK CALIBRATOR provides quick spray nozzle calibration, with Nozzle Comparator feature to store and compare flow rates.

B&B Technologies

The US60B-COM features a 60-gallon blow-molded poly tank, boomless nozzles with electric control, 30-foot spray width and 3.5 GPM pump.

Buffalo Turbine

The CSM2 is a quiet, versatile turbine mist sprayer that can push most liquids 100 to 150 feet vertically and offers effective horizontal distances of 300 feet.

C&S Turf Care Equip.

Skid-mount sprayers fit in a range of vehicles and come with capacities from 15 to 1,000 gallons, fiberglass or poly tanks, and gas or electric-powered pumps.

EarthWay Products

The S25 is a ground-driven push sprayer with a 6.6-gallon capacity, heavy-duty chassis, 13-inch pneumatic tires and three-position adjustable handle.


The MS-20BP has a 90 PSI piston pump, chemical-resistant Viton seals, four-stage filter, UV inhibitors and adjustable brass, fixed fan and fixed cone nozzles.

Forestry Suppliers

The Chapin Tree/Turf Pro is a piston-pump sprayer with a pressure gauge, 18-inch stainless steel wand and internal four-position spray valve.

GNC Industries

Space Saver sprayers offer a compact design and come in 75 and 100-gallon models for UTVs and 200, 300 and 400-gallon models for full-size trucks.


Shielded sprayers apply a constant, accurate balance of small droplets that stick to vegetation, achieving greater coverage with less chemical product.

Gravely Turf

The Stadium 80 has an 80-gallon, low-profile tank; lockable spill tank lid with anti-siphon fill; spray gun; 25-foot hose; and 10-foot, three-way folding boom.


The Spreader-Mate is a self-contained, drop-in unit with a 9-gallon tank that converts a commercial broadcast spreader into a fully functional sprayer.

Hannay Reels

The PW-2 Series reel is made of 12 and 14-gauge steel with a black powder-coat finish. It has a pressure rating of up to 4,000 PSI and direct crank rewind.

Hasty Vac

The zero-turn Z200 has a 35-gallon poly tank, no-drip TeeJet tips, 12-volt pump, 10-inch pneumatic casters, in-line strainer and three-section breakaway boom.


Since 1995, ITB has provided customers with a complete selection of backpack, compressed air and specialty sprayers.


Mighty Mac gas-powered trailer sprayers come in 22 and 50-gallon models with adjustable pressure relief valves and 3 or 10 GPM twin-piston pumps.


The 4-gallon MS40QCB features 160 PSI maximum pump pressure, 12-volt rechargeable battery, 75-minute charge time and dry weight of 11.7 pounds.

Micro-Trak Systems

The SprayMate II has built-in controls for up to three separate boom actions, master control switch, built-in VRA capability and on/off power switch.

Minnesota Wanner

Custom-built lawn care trucks feature a stainless steel body; quiet, reliable, PTO-driven pumps; and built-in dry storage and spreader mounts.

MS Sprayer

The C765 is a 200-gallon unit with a compact frame that fits in a pickup truck. It is equipped with a 5.5 hp Honda gas engine and a hose reel with 150 feet of hose.


The EMS3053 with 30-gallon tank sprays up to 5.5 acres per fill-up and has a large lid opening, 10-inch spill well and Dura Grip tank securing system.


Offers 12-volt, high-performance sprayers with Pumptec plunger pumps, onboard charging and electrical systems that require no electrical connection to the vehicle.


The BM46i has a 4.6-gallon working capacity, 20-inch brass wand with adjustable brass nozzle, steel-tube handle, built-in paddle agitation and Viton seal.


Fully enclosed spray trucks, multitank skid sprayers and single-tank application equipment. Free design service. All aluminum frames, stainless steel manifolds.


The SP45BPE features a Euro-style tank marked in gallons and liters, extra padding for back and waist support, 90 PSI piston pump and four-stage filter.


The 425 offers a 4-gallon high-density polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors, 28-inch unbreakable wand, 48-inch hose and triple filtration system.


Liquid delivery systems provide safe, fast application of water or chemicals. They are portable, self-pressurized and efficient, with 16 to 30-gallon capacities.


Sprayer models include the 175-gallon Multi Pro 1200 and 1250; the midsize, Workman-mounted, 200-gallon unit; and the 300-gallon Multi Pro 5700.


The T3000 Applicator offers cruise control and 6 or 9-foot spread widths. The adjustable, high-pressure, high-velocity system creates large droplets.


The US250 features a universal mount and adjustable spray wand attached to 25 feet of hose. Options include a 48-inch boom and boomless spray head.

W.E. Chapps

The Chemical Spray Vest protects the shoulders and back from backpack sprayer leaks and spills. Two large, adjustable foam pads cushion the shoulders.