Reed Landscaping Helps With TN Tornado Cleanup


Reed Landscaping has been a member of Greater Nashville Community for over 11 years. The team doesn’t just work here, but they live there, and have friends and family who live there as well. “That’s why when tornadoes tore through our community, we knew exactly what needed done,” said Michael Poe, Chief Executive Officer of Reed Landscaping. “This was not a time to sit back and wait, but rather a time to take action to help those around us, and that is just what we did.”tornadoes

With the help of hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life, Reed Landscaping has been helping to pick up the pieces following these destructive early spring 2020 tornadoes. With the overwhelming destruction from these storms it is taking a true team effort to put this area back on its feet. Reed was one of the first to volunteer equipment and manpower for this cleanup effort and have promised to be here until the job is complete.

At one site alone there is a 60 mile path of destruction that their crews and volunteers have worked to clear. Reed Landscaping, along with Cantrell Construction and Beaver Stuff And Tree Service, arrived on site, and surveyed the progress. People from all walks of life and experience were out to help with this tragedy.

One distinct asset these companies brought with them was experience. Through their time in the military (Johnny Cantrell is a former Army Medic, Michael Poe is former Navy, and David Rankin from Beaver Stuff and Tree Service is a Disabled Marine Combat Veteran) they were able to take control of the site, and start directing the cleanup effort. Through their leadership, they were able to clear four full acres of land from dangerous timber, and other obstacles in a short amount of time.

Reed Landscaping has been uniquely qualified to help the Nashville area recover from this disaster. With a focus on large scale, commercial landscapes and hardscape development, Reed had the equipment and personnel needed to really kick the clean-up effort into high gear. With the help of Johnny Cantrell Construction, and others, Reed Landscaping is leading the way in helping to put Nashville back together following these storms.

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