SiteOne Landscape Supply Launches Free Online Estimates Tool


Estimates Tool

Landscape contractors have a new time and money saving resource with the new Estimates Tool from SiteOne® Landscape Supply, the company’s latest business management solution. The free, online estimating tool helps contractors quickly and easily present customized, professional proposals to customers and win business without requiring separate software or subscriptions.Estimates Tool

“We know that many landscape operators use pen and paper to quickly sketch out estimates, so we are excited to make things easier for them by reducing the time it takes to create an estimate—and present it professionally,” said John Wells, SiteOne director of Product Management. “The Estimates Tool enables contractors to produce a personalized document with their own logo and up-to-date supplier pricing.”

SiteOne account holders can use the free Estimates Tool by building an item list on, either using “Add to List” or by uploading a list in Excel format. Once a list is created, the account holder may convert the list to an estimate, add markup and customization, and then download the estimate as a PDF. The Estimates Tool includes a free-form field so contractors can add items that are not available on, such as labor and permits.

Account holders can reference SiteOne’s Estimates Tool explainer video as a resource and step-by-step guide to learn how to use the new feature. Contractors can contact their local branch or 800.SiteOne (800-748-3663) to enable online access and take advantage of SiteOne’s business management solutions.

SiteOne also offers a Marketing Toolkit for landscapers.