The Perfect Landscaping Duo – Surfer™ Pro and Super SF


Big or small they cut it all.

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Surfer Pro

To grow their businesses, landscapers need tools to tackle mowing projects of every shape and size. Hustler® Turf recently introduced two zero-turn mowers that would make the perfect landscaping duo, the SurferTM Pro and the Super SF (both new editions to the stand-on family of mowers). Let’s look at the difference between these two machines and explain how they can work in tandem to create your professional fleet. Let’s start with the Surfer Pro.Surfer Pro

It’s All About The Benjamins

Let’s not beat around the bush. On top of its overall compact size, the price is what makes this unit attractive to pros. There are several 34” stand-ons out there, but few start at under $5,000* like the Surfer Pro. This unit is not designed to replace your Hustler Super S stand-on, but it does make quick work of the gated properties you would normally walk with a push-mower.

Stacked And Sturdy

With an overall length of 58.9 inches, the Surfer Pro is smaller than most traditional sit-down zero-turn mowers. Ideal for trimming and navigating tight spaces. But don’t let the size fool you, this machine is tough. The Surfer Pro is built with Hustler’s signature heavy duty steel decking (7 gauge on the 34″ deck, 11 gauge on the 48″). Impact areas are reinforced with 3/8-inch x 1 inch steel. In addition, we added 18” BigBite™ drive tires for stability and traction. Both Surfer Pro models come equipped with Kawasaki ® 15 hp FS series engines.

How Does The Super SF Stack Up To The Nimble Surfer Pro?

To create the Super SF, we built on the power and strength of our Super 88 zero-turn mower and gave it MORE! Super SF boasts beefy 26” tires, dual fuel tanks with 13.9-gallon capacity, and a running speed of up to 15 mph. The Super SF is a monster mower for the busy professional who needs to mow both large commercial properties and smaller residential accounts.

Impressive Engine And Transmission

Two of the most impressive aspects of the Super SF are the engine and hydraulic system. We offer a Kawasaki FX1000 EFI engine (up to 38.5 hp) or optional Vanguard ® Big Block EFI with Oil Guard (40 hp). Includes heavy duty canister air cleaner and a limited 3-year engine warranty. The combination of Hydro-Gear®21cc pumps, Parker ® TG wheel motors, 6-quart reservoir capacity, and an 8” cooling fan, makes it a top robust hydraulic system.

Why Pair These Two Mowers Together?

The SurferTM Pro  and Super SF pair well together because they are a landscaper’s yin and yang. Professionals use the Surfer Pro to do quick light work in tight spaces or cover ground at gated properties. The Super SF is the machine they use for speed, efficiency, and all-day performance.

The Super SF can run flat-out at up to 15 mph or using the speed control adjustment bar, can be quickly set at up to 10 mph for training purposes. Use the power of the Super SF to mow large acreage. Use the Surfer Pro to reduce employee fatigue by replacing a basic walk-behind or self-propelled push mower.

As a commercial landscaper who races to beat the weather and the setting sun, you know time is money. For more efficiency, pair the small productive Surfer Pro with the might and power of the Super SF.

*Current MSRP as of article publication date.