VICTORIA, B.C., Canada – The report of the Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides, tabled in the House today, makes 17 recommendations to promote the safe use of pesticides.

The all-party committee was appointed in June 2011 to conduct consultations regarding the unnecessary use of pesticides in British Columbia. The inquiry included briefings from federal and provincial regulators and stakeholder presentations. The committee also conducted an e-consultation and received almost 8,700 submissions, setting a new record for public participation in a committee inquiry.
The committee’s recommendations include:

  • restricting access to and use of Commercial-class pesticides by uncertified users;
  • tightening up the rules for the sale of pesticides;
  • improving public education, by using integrated pest management (IPM) specialists to develop educational resources, and creating a website to inform homeowners about IPM; and
  • expanding the provincial program for safe disposal of unwanted pesticides.

Our recommendations are designed to promote the safer use of pesticides for lawn and garden care. But the majority of the committee does not think the scientific evidence, at this time, warrants an outright ban,” explained committee chair Bill Bennett. “We are not prepared to say to homeowners that purchasing 2,4-D is prohibited, under all circumstances, or that they cannot hire a qualified person to apply it to their lawns.”

“The committee process has been a collegial one. Following the inquiry the minority of the committee came to the conclusion that there is enough evidence to support the public’s and the Union of B.C. Municipalities’ call for a province-wide ban on the sale and cosmetic use of pesticides in residential settings,” said deputy chair Rob Fleming.

For more information on the cosmetic pesticides consultation process and to view a copy of the report, please visit the committee’s website at: