TifGrand Certified Bermuda Grass Now Available for Lawns, Golf Courses and Sports Fields in Hawaii


Hawaiian Turfgrass, the exclusive licensed producer of TifGrand Certified Bermudagrass in Hawaii, has announced that this shade-tolerant turfgrass developed at the turfgrass research program at the University of Georgia, is now available for harvest and sale from the company’s sod farm based in Mililani, O’ahu, Hawaii.

A fine-textured bermudagrass, TifGrand Certified Bermudagrass is suitable for use on home lawns, sports fields and golf courses. It was scientifically developed to thrive in 60 to 70 percent continuous shade, which means TifGrand requires approximately five hours of direct sun.

The grass is also certified by the state of Hawaii, meaning that it is inspected on the sod farm site to ensure homeowners, sports field managers, landscapers and golf course superintendents that the Certified TifGrand that they purchase from Hawaiian Turfgrass is a high quality, weed-free sod.

Scientifically researched through the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) and other university tests, TifGrand consistently ranks higher in shade tolerance, quality and root length, all determiners of optimum performance out in the real world.
Developed By Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Kris Braman and the University of Georgia’s world-renowned turfgrass breeding program, TifGrand (PP21017) is the result of more than 28,000 hybrid crosses and more than a decade of trials and evaluations.