8 Tips To Master Snow And Ice Management


Need advice for tackling stressful snow and ice management work? Try these eight recommendations from www.expired-link.com member rick W.

1. Buy good machines. Buying cheaper ones will bite you badly even though you are trying to save a buck. Don’t get the electric start and other bells and whistles — just buy machines that are simple and solid.

2. Do your billing.

3. Do your plowing and stay on top of it.

4. Fire bad clients. It’s a tough job working in the slop; if clients don’t appreciate you or don’t pay, then move on. The only thing worse than not having clients is having clients, doing the work and not getting paid.

5. Go slow. Good clients will be with you for decades so take good care of them. Even stopping by the week before Christmas with a $10 bottle of wine and a card saying, “Thanks, we appreciate your business,” goes a long way.

6. Don’t take vacation in winter. Every time you plan anything great, weather wrecks it — always. Don’t put the stress on yourself or the worry — and don’t let your clients down.

7. Don’t take on more than you can deliver. Doing a good job and keeping it under control is better than having more clients, going out of control and being so tired, beat up and delirious that you back into a vehicle or damage something.

8. Have fun.