Turf Spring 2020 Issue


Editor’s Letter: Where Will You Grow This Year?

Keeping customer lawns and landscapes green and healthy keeps your business in “the green” and healthy, too. As you know, the right equipment is king. Buying the best mowers, for instance, is central to successful lawn care. Then, operating and maintaining that investment delivers satisfaction to your clients—and as a result, to you. This issue includes insights on buying mowers any time of year (page 12) and on pages 37-38, you’ll see a selection of mowers on the market (then click here for more new mower product coverage).

Meanwhile, as you look to expand the level and scope of your services in 2020, you’ll find several articles in this issue to help in this journey. Are you thinking about exploring design-build business? Read the article that begins on page 6 to learn how one business owner made the move. Do you offer tree selection and planting services? A certified arborist shares a straightforward approach to working with customers (article begins on page 33).

In this business, the weather and environmental factors have a significant impact, and as you’ve surely experienced those conditions are changing from years past. Turn to page 20 to read about a university team’s observations on herbicide use and effectiveness, and some observations on weather impacts. Plant disease is not new, but the practical advice provided by a horticulturist on caring for two garden classics (page 31) may arm your team with new tools against this challenge.




Editor-in-Chief, Turf

Table of Contents

Adding Design-Build Services | What do you need to know when expanding into this service line?Turf Spring 2020

Never Lose A Star Performer | For the star players on your staff, how you manage their strengths will make all the difference.

Adding Mowers To Your Fleet? | Here are tips on what to look for when shopping for new equipment.

Keeping An Eye On Vehicle Usage | GPS technology provides owner enhanced fleet management.

Herbicide Application Challenges in 2020 | Recent research gives insight on climate impacts, resistance, and public concerns.

Hardscape Maintenance | A technician in the field shares a how-to guide of practices and products for these jobs.

Spring Planting | Here is a look at some of the what, when, where, and how of successful establishment this season.

Boxwood Blight and Rose Rosette Disease | Susceptible to disease, these garden classics need safeguards.

Thriving Trees: Location is Key | Planting a tree in the right spot is crucial, so do your research first.

My Landscape: Grand Award For University Grounds | Denison University in Granville, OH is recognized for its landscape by the Professional Grounds Management Society.

Get Equipped | Mowers; Small Engine & Handheld Equipment; Herbicides; Insecticides & Fungicides; and Spreaders & Sprayers