Techo-Bloc Launches 2024 Hardscape Products & Trends

Theme of "Quiet Luxury" seen in new Caffè Crema color, Natural Stone Collection, and Silver Granite color.

New Natural Stone Slab. Photo: Techo-Bloc

Techo-Bloc Inc., a leading North American manufacturer of modern hardscape products, is proud to announce the launch of its new products and colors that reflect this year’s landscape design trends.

In sync with the evolving landscape design scene, Techo-Bloc introduces this year’s theme of ‘Quiet Luxury’. Stepping away from ostentation, the focus is on timeless, investment pieces that lay the foundation for outdoor spaces, mirroring the sophistication seen in contemporary fashion and design.

New Caffè Crema Color. Photo: Techo-Bloc

Trend #1: Warm tones  

Embracing the design and fashion fascination with creamy tones, Techo-Bloc introduces the Caffè Crema color. This versatile hue warms up contemporary landscapes from the cold greys we’ve seen for years. Caffè Crema is now available in popular selections such as Industria HD2 Smooth slab, Para HD2 Smooth slab, Blu 60 mm collection, and Raffinato walls, caps, steps, and edges.

Trend #2: Luxury materials 

Introducing the Natural Stone Collection – a testament to quiet luxury. Featuring a Sandstone slabwall cap & pool coping, and an outdoor step collection, this offering presents large-scale, chiseled natural stone in soft beige and grey hues, providing a modern appeal to the beauty of natural materials.

In the pursuit of contemporary aesthetics, Techo-Bloc also unveils its new Silver Granite color. This meticulously crafted color mirrors the opulence of granite. Available in Para slab, Sleek paver, Industria 600×600 slab and paver, and our Industria 900 paver, Silver Granite epitomizes luxury with its association to premium materials and sophisticated design.

New Silver Granite Color. Photo: Techo-Bloc
Raffinato Coping in 14×32. Photo: Techo-Bloc
Blu HD2 Smooth slab in Beige Cream. Photo: Techo-Bloc

Trend #3: Rich & Tactile Textures 

In response to the increasing desire for opulent textures reminiscent of cashmere, velvet, and silk in outdoor spaces, Techo-Bloc is expanding its HD2 Smooth collection. The brand introduces a larger-sized (14×32) Raffinato wall cap/pool coping, complemented by the addition of the sophisticated Beige Cream color to the Blu HD2 Smooth collection, enhancing options for creating seamless pools and patios.

“At Techo-Bloc, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the landscape industry, constantly setting trends rather than following them. The introduction of our new Natural Stone Collection and new Caffè Crema and Silver Granite colors is a testament to our dedication to staying ahead of the curve. These thoughtfully crafted additions not only capture the essence of quiet luxury, but they also empower designers and homeowners to create outdoor spaces that blend the latest trends with timeless elegance. We believe in offering more than just products; we provide the tools for transformative outdoor experiences. We strive to define the landscape of tomorrow,” said Jessica Ciccarello, Marketing Director at Techo-Bloc.

Explore Techo-Bloc’s NEW 2024 Landscape Catalog for a comprehensive showcase of new products, colors, top landscaping trends, mesmerizing mosaic designs, and an extensive collection of modern products.

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