As turf battles the stresses of summer, you need the right weapons to combat diseases, fungi, weeds or other enemies of healthy turf.

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SedgeHammer herbicide selectively controls yellow and purple nutsedge in turf and around established woody ornamentals in landscaped areas. It moves through the plant and destroys underground growing points. It will not harm cool or warm-season turfgrasses and is rainfast within four hours.


PHOSPHO-jet, a nutrition-based tree fungicide, treats sudden oak death, anthracnose, phytophthora, black spot, fire blight, root rot and canker blight.

Dow AgroSciences

Dimension herbicide provides control of crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, spurge and Poa annua. Comes in multiple formulations, including water-based.


The ingredients in KeyPlex 350 work to induce Systemic Acquired Resistance in plants, making them more resistant to disease and environmental stress.


Pegasus HPX is a chlorothalonil-based fungicide that controls dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose, red thread, gray snow mold, leaf spot and more.


The BioD-Weedmat is made of biodegradable coir with a light spray of natural latex. Available in 20, 30 and 40-inch square mats and 3.28-by-33-foot rolls.


Echo ETQ combines chlorothalonil with a pigment additive to minimize factors contributing to turf stress and prevent dollar spot, leaf spot and other diseases.

Soil Technologies

Phydura is a broad-spectrum contact herbicide that contains clove oil and acetic acid. It is a nonselective spray application with no re-entry interval.


Heritage G, with the carrier DG-Lite, is a systemic strobilurin fungicide in a granular formulation that controls over 21 diseases in a 28-day window.

Tech Terra Organics

1-2-3 NPP is a naturally occurring polymer that induces systemic resistance in plants and improves soil water retention capability in drought conditions.

Valent U.S.A.

Tourney fungicide contains metconazole, has low use rates and provides control of brown patch, anthracnose, dollar spot, fairy ring, gray leaf spot and more.

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