An Easy Way To Recycle Empty Syngenta Containers


To help customers manage recyclable product containers, Syngenta has partnered with the Ag Container Recycling Council, or ACRC, a complimentary recycling retrieval program for agricultural product containers, for more than two decades. The program helps end users properly dispose of product containers while keeping their properties, work spaces, and the environment safe.

“When we recycle used plastic containers through the program, it eliminates the need to burn or place containers in landfills,” said Scott Birchfield, North American environmental stewardship manager at Syngenta. “It also replaces raw materials needed to produce new plastics, saving oil resources and energy while avoiding other potential environmental consequences.”

For Syngenta customers, participating in the program is simple. Here’s how:

  • Ensure agricultural, professional, and commercial containers are completely empty, thoroughly rinsed, and dried.
  • Locate the nearest ACRC location by calling the ACRC at 1-877-952-2272 or by visiting here. The ACRC handles agricultural container recycling activities in states across the country.
  • Take the container to the nearest collection location.

After collection, containers are shipped to facilities to be ground up, thoroughly washed, and repurposed into non-consumer products. The program provides easy access to responsible recycling for over 3.5 million pounds of Syngenta plastic containers per year at no cost to customers.

Syngenta also provides no-cost recycling for used plastic pesticide containers that can’t be managed through the ACRC program. This program recycles almost 1 million additional pounds of used plastic annually.

“Giving customers the opportunity to participate in a dedicated recycling program with the product manufacturer ensures that we all know exactly where this material is going,” said Stephanie Neese, national bulk equipment specialist at Syngenta. “Customers want to keep their places of business tidy by removing decommissioned containers while knowing where these plastics are going. We give them an easy way to do both.”

The ACRC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) trade association that works to facilitate the collection and recycling of one-way rigid HDPE plastic agricultural crop protection, animal health, specialty pest control, micronutrient, biologicals, fertilizer, and/or adjuvant product containers. This is done through member funding of cost-effective programs that fosters public health and safety, environmental protection, resource conservation and end-user convenience.The ACRC is fully funded by our member companies and affiliates that formulate, produce, package, and distribute crop protection and other pesticide products. For more information about the program, visit

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