3 Quick Tips to Capture Top-Notch Photos


In today’s digital world, sharing images is important. Especially for business professionals when creating a brand online. Landscape contractors have it easy — with beautiful landscapes and properties to share images. Using the photos will not only impress current clients, but can draw the attention of potential customers who are inspired by your company’s hard work. Use these tips to share some great photos.

1. Actually take photos

Take your own photos, even just using your camera phone — just remember to use the largest resolution possible. When emailing yourself the photo, simply choose the “large” or “actual size” option to get the best quality.

2. Golden hour timing

Aim to take your photos early in the morning after sunrise, or later in the day at sunset. These times of day are known as the “golden hours” and your photos will be much prettier than when taken at high noon.

3. Stock image benefits

You can use photos in the public domain without infringing on copyright laws. Search sites like Flickr: Creative Commons. Under the photo you will see terms such as “some rights reserved.” If you click on this, an explanation will pop up telling you how you are legally allowed to use that photo.