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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a look at this assortment of construction equipment that can improve your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

SmartGrade™ 333G Compact Track Loader From John Deere

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The new John Deere SmartGrade™ 333G Compact Track Loader combines the versatility and convenience of a compact track loader with the power and reliability of a crawler dozer. By integrating new technologies, the SmartGrade 333G Compact Track Loader comes fully equipped to offer ultimate adaptability and transportability. The implementation of SmartGrade on the 333G is the first time a fully integrated grade control technology is available on compact equipment. The SmartGrade 333G expands the capabilities of those working in site development, landscaping, residential, and commercial building operations. In addition to the SmartGrade technology, operators will also benefit from the incorporation of the new control solution, DozerMode. With the push of a button, DozerMode enables the EH joystick control system to function like a crawler dozer. DozerMode is beneficial when operating the machine-equipped six-way dozer blade attachment that can both cut a grade and spread materials, streamlining attachment needs and setup time. In combination with the SmartGrade technology, the blade reduces the amount of operator input, ultimately lowering operator fatigue. John Deere has also introduced the 4M Heavy-Duty Tractor.
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construction equipment

B2401 Compact Tractor From Kubota

Introducing the B2401, which adds two new models to Kubota’s B01 Series of compact tractors—the B2401DT and the B2401DT Narrow. Both models come standard with a gear drive transmission and a 21.9 gross HP Kubota diesel engine at an affordable price point. With this model, operators can experience a new level of power and control, especially when operating front, mid, and rear implements. The B2401 offers more power options, and thus more value to its compact tractor offerings. The B2401 operates intuitively with an ergonomic lever design, optimal precision with position control, and ease of implement attaching and detaching with the new LA435 Swift-tach Loader and telescopic stabilizers on the 3-Point Hitch. Kubota’s industry-exclusive B2401 Narrow is only 35.6″ wide, making it ideal for spraying, mowing, and towing in tight rows, such as 48″ to 60″ rows, for commercial and hobby farm vineyards, nurseries, and greenhouses. Kubota has also introduced the new LX Series of “Crossover” Compact Tractor.
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D1, D2 & D3 Next Gen Small Dozers From Caterpillar

Building on the same base machine platform as their successful predecessors, the new Cat® D1, D2 and D3 Next Generation small dozers feature styling changes, technology enhancements, and a new low-emission fuel-efficient engine. The D1, D2 and D3 Next Gen dozers replace the D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 models, respectively, and the new series offers the same specialty model options as in the past. These Next Gen small dozers are designed to optimize speed, transportability, maneuverability, versatility, and finish grade accuracy. A new lower sloping hood line improves visibility over the top of the hood to the peripheral view and blade’s cutting edge to increase finish grade efficiency. A larger 10″ primary display with color touch screen provides easy access to many of the technology features. Standard Automatic Traction Control no longer requires operator interaction as with previous models, reducing track slip when the machine encounters maximum load. Slope Indicate provides slope of the chassis in the cross-slope direction without guessing. Stable Blade complements operator blade control input.

SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer From Ditch Witch®

Construction operators looking to step outside the cab and gain a 360˚ view of the jobsite, without the obstruction of a traditional cage, can now turn to the Ditch Witch® SK3000. This new full-size stand-on skid steer is built with the power, maneuverability, and convenience to complete a wide range of construction projects. As the largest and most powerful unit in the Ditch Witch family of stand-on skid steers, the SK3000 features an operating capacity of 3,100 pounds—50% more than its closest competitor. The unit delivers 5,500 pounds of breakout force to help operators lift and move heavy loads with a bucket. It also directs up to 51 HP to the attachment—more than any other machine in its class—for efficient and productive use of hydraulic attachments. The SK3000’s open, standing operator station allows for an easy-on, easy-off operator platform. With optional automatic ride control, the machine provides a smooth, comfortable ride with maneuverability and stability—even when transporting heavy loads across rough terrain.

UN-Towable Drill From Little Beaver

The UN-Towable Drill offers an easily transportable solution for one-man hole digging projects. Now, with an updated transport frame, the drill is even more convenient and safe, and is ideal for landscaping. The UN-Towable can easily be moved to the jobsite in the back of a pickup truck or SUV. Alternatively, an optional slide-in receiver hitch offers an additional transport method. The user-friendly E-Z load bracket is designed to fit in any 2″ receiver. Simply secure the unit in the hitch, crank up the machine until it stops, and insert the pin to lock it in place. The updated transport frame of the UN-Towable Drill features an added stop so the unit can’t be cranked past the designated cradle. Additionally, the UN-Towable is built with an 11 HP Honda engine. Hydraulic pressure of 2,500 psi and an operating speed of 150 rpm further enhance power output. Equipped with 16″ semi-pneumatic tires, the UN-Towable easily moves across jobsites and pivots into digging position without damaging delicate lawns and turf. And for added convenience, the one-man handle enables drilling near buildings and in other difficult-to-access areas.

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Giant-Vac Industrial Tow-Behind Truck Loaders From Scag

The Scag Giant-Vac Industrial Tow-Behind Truck Loader has commercial-grade size and quality for major debris handling jobs. This product features a 25″ diameter, all steel, high CFM, dynamically-balanced, debris reducing impeller; 16″ intake hose; and powerful engine options up to 48 HP. Built for municipal operations and large-scale landscapers, the Industrial line of Tow-Behind loaders is ready for big jobs. The trailers are fully-lighted and DOT-ready with adjustable tongue lengths and hitch heights, and come standard with either a 2-5/16″ ball hitch or pintle hitch. Other hitches can be installed to match your needs. Scag Truck Loaders feature a two-year commercial warranty.

4-in-1 Bucket Attachment For Dingo® Family From Toro®

The new versatile 4-in-1 bucket attachment for the Toro® Dingo® compact utility loader product line can handle a variety of earthmoving tasks without the need to change out Dingo attachments. The four configurations of the new attachment include: Standard Bucket—With the jaws completely closed, operators can use this attachment as a standard bucket. Additionally, operators can simply open the Dingo 4-in-1 bucket jaws to dump the contents into a higher area than a standard bucket can typically reach; Leveler—Operating with the jaws completely open gives contractors the ability to use the bucket floor’s rear-cutting edge as a leveler. By tipping the bucket slightly so that the rear cutting edge of the bucket floor is on the ground and the forward edge is off the ground, operators can put the cutting edge in reverse across the surface of the ground, resulting in a smooth, level surface; Blade—When utilizing the attachment with the jaws completely open, operators can use the back of the bucket as a blade to push material. Additionally, by partially closing the jaws and using the bottom of the front bucket, operators can push material and grade with the rear blade simultaneously; Grapple—While using the traction units forward and reverse auxiliary function, the side jaws can be used for picking up material by closing them over objects or materials to be transported. The attachment measures approximately 49″W x 27″D x 22″H and has an operating weight of 292 pounds, while the bucket is capable of hauling 3.3 cubic feet of material at a time. It’s compatible with Dingo 320-D, 323, TX 427, TX 525 and TX 1000 models.

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