Get Equipped: Equip Exposition Highlights


Equip Exposition Highlights


This assortment of lawn care and landscaping solutions were exhibited at the recent Equip Exposition, the international landscape, outdoor living, and equipment exposition held annually in Louisville, KY.

ASV RT-50 Posi-Track® Loader

The repowered RT-50 features a new 53.8 HP Tier 4, three-cylinder turbo charged Yanmar engine. Featuring a nimble 58.5″ width, a 9.1′ lift height, a 1,400 pound rated operating capacity, and a 7.1 MPH top speed, the loader’s compact size allows it to be towed behind a 1/2-ton pickup truck. An optional hydraulic quick attach allows operators to change attachments from the cab. A single-sided lap bar, partially adjustable armrests, and a tall cab improve comfort. The machine can operate efficiently at a high auxiliary circuit flow rate, powered by 13.3 GPM pump capacity and 3,000 PSI of system pressure. A direct drive pump, and large line sizes and hydraulic coolers, transfer more flow and pressure directly to the attachment to help prevent power loss. The RT-50 is tested to operate at full load 100% of the time in ambient temperatures from -40° up to 118° F.

Bobcat TL723 Telehandler

Equip Exposition HighlightsFeaturing a redesigned comfort cab, standard air-suspension seat, and a turbo-charged Tier 4 engine with reliable cold weather starting, the TL723 telehandler has five operation modes. Equipped with automatic ride control, it incorporates Bobcat R-Series styling and enhanced visibility. The low-profile boom sits below operator eye level and the redesigned engine basket sits lower for increased line of sight. Front, top, and rear wipers help keep windows free of debris and precipitation. A single, multi-control joystick dictates travel direction, lift and tilt functions, boom extension, and auxiliary hydraulics. The Power Quick-Tach mounting system enables operators to push a button to retract and release pins to quickly secure an attachment.

Hilltip HTrack™ 2-Way GPRS Tracking/Control System

Hilltip’s HTrack™ 2-way GPRS Tracking/Control system comes standard with all Hilltip IceStriker™ salt spreaders and Spraystriker™ spray units. With this system, users can see the exact amount of material they are applying, along with all details of the application itself. Users can geo-fence worksites to know how much area needs to be treated and the amount of material required. Once created, worksites can be assigned to the StrikeSmart™ controller so the machines will always apply the correct amount of material once onsite. A full range of reporting capabilities is avail-able to inform customers of work performed. Spreader/sprayer application metrics can be adjusted remotely from any device, anywhere in the world.

Power Planter’s Ultimate Heavy Duty Professional Landscaper Bundle

Power Planter’s all-in-one digging solution includes a set of three large Power Planter steel augers with heavy-duty digging tips. They are the Extended Length Bulb Auger (3″ x 24″); the Quart Pot Plant Auger (5″x 28″); and the Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger with Replaceable Tip (7″ x 28″). The bundle also includes a complete DEWALT DCD130T1 60V kit with an extra DEWALT DCB606 6Ah Battery, DCB609 9Ah 20V/60VMAX* Lithium Ion Battery, and ToughSystem®DS400 XL Case.

RedMax EBZ8560 Backpack Blower

Equip Exposition HighlightsThis frame-mount backpack blower produces 1,000 CFM of air volume at speeds of 220 MPH at the nozzle. Generating 15% more blowing force than its predecessor and passing a 4,000-hour durability test, the EBZ8560 was built to keep lawn maintenance professionals working comfortably. It features cushioned straps and a ventilated back pad to reduce fatigue. In addition, the RedMax EBZ8560 is equipped with the industry’s largest fuel tank.

Takeuchi TB335R Compact Excavator

The TB335R is a new, short tail swing, 3.5t model from Takeuchi. It has an operating weight of 7,970 pounds with a canopy, and is powered by a 24.4 HP Kubota engine that is DOC only, requiring no additional exhaust after-treatment system. It has maximum dig depth of 10′ 6.2″ and max reach of 17′ 9.7″. Equipped with a high-definition, multifunction color monitor, an intuitive jog dial simplifies monitor navigation and control, as well as other machine functions. Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) telematics are standard, providing machine health and condition, run time (hours), machine location, and geofencing capabilities. TFM also pro-vides remote diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, and alert settings that can be tailored to the owner/operator.

Vanguard 7kWH Diecast Battery Pack

Equip Exposition HighlightsBuilding on the design of the 3.8kWh Commercial Battery, the7kWH battery pack’s Cellular Module Assembly (CMA) units are packed and protected in a diecast aluminum casing to provide durability and maximum protection against extreme temperatures, impact, vibration, moisture, and dirt. The battery utilizes advanced Lithium-Ion chemistry and technology and features a Battery Management System that monitors voltage and temperature. With a compact footprint, the 7kWh battery can be scaled in parallel with additional Vanguard battery packs to meet larger equipment power needs. It can be fully charged in less than eight hours, has a charging temperature range of -10°C to 50°C, and is designed for a life of up to 2,000 cycles.



Equip Exposition HighlightsThe Cat 305 CR’s compact radius swing reduces overhang when working to the side, while its 78″ track width and new extra counterweight option help optimize stability and lift performance in confined spaces. Interchangeable counterweight packages offer balance between low ground pressure and lifting performance. The Cat Stick Steer System allows operators to switch from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to low-effort joystick operation. Two travel speed ranges and standard cruise control facilitate moving around the jobsite with minimum operator interaction. High main-relief pressures, coupled with flow rates, generate the hydraulic capacity for high digging and lifting forces and more efficient use of a range of attachments. Complete with quick-disconnect lines, the standard auxiliary system pro-vides the choice of one-way, two-way, or continuous flow.

SiteOne LESCO Spar-Tech

Equip Exposition HighlightsSiteOne® LESCO® Spar-Tech Small Particle Technology features advanced micronutrients that are delivered to plants at a molecular level to resolve nutrient deficiencies within the plant. LESCO Spar-Tech includes: instant availability, easy-to-use, highly-compatible formulations that can be tank mixed with fertilizers and control chemicals, and micronutrients in pure ionic form. Spar-Tech contains amino acid-complexed micronutrients that are highly mobile and translocate efficiently, have no phosphate tie-up, and leave no residue. The non-staining technology prevents stains on concrete or other surfaces.

Exmark Commercial 21 V-Series Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Mower

Equip Exposition HighlightsThe Commercial 21 V-Series is Exmark’s first battery-powered commercial walk-behind mower. Ideal for zero-emission areas or HOA/Quiet Zones, it’s powered by a high-capacity rechargeable 60-Volt lithium-ion battery that operates well below the 85dB threshold OSHA uses for hearing protection. The Commercial 21 V-Series comes standard with the same ¼” cast alloy deck, height of cut system, wheels, and transmission as gas-powered Commercial 21 model. It can mow up to 0.4 acres with a single charge, and comes with two batteries and a rapid charger capable of reaching 90% charge in just 75 minutes. The self-propelled machine has a top speed of 3.5 MPH and comes standard with a 2.5-bushel bag and mulch kit.

KIOTI ZXC Series Additions

Equip Exposition HighlightsThe new ZXC Series models—ZXC48 LT, ZXC54 LT, and ZXC60 LT—feature 24-HP Kawasaki® FT engines combined with ZT-3400 Hydro-Gear® trans-missions for reliable performance. These components are added to a heavy-duty chassis with 12.5-gallon fuel tanks and premium suspension seat. A removable footplate and a seat that flips up allow easy access to major com-ponents. Operators can choose from 48″, 54″, or 60″mower decks, each with a fabricated, reinforced 10-gauge steel deck and standard notch blades.

Scythe Sight

Scythe Sight, a computer vision technology, enables the M.52 autonomous commercial mower to see and safely respond to its surroundings. Using Scythe Sight, M.52 can detect an obstacle, identify it, and take the proper action. It will go around a tree or pole, but stop for a human. As M.52 learns more about mowing environments, Scythe Sight will also be able to identify upsell opportunities. It will spot broken sprinkler heads, identify brown spots in turf that need treatment, and flag other services for account man-agers to pitch to clients.