Get Equipped: Software, Part 2


Take a look at this assortment of business software that can improve and add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

(This is the second of a two-part feature. Click here to read Part 1.)


Spraye is a new software management tool that creates efficiency in your lawn spraying business by making routing simple, compliance manageable, and customer service easy. Spraye allows users to create, view, edit, and share spraying schedules with teams and customers. Spraye also integrates with weather reports so users can adjust schedules based on real time temperatures, forecasts, wind speeds, and more. Spraye automatically records every-thing from compliance reports to property notes added by technicians about each client visited and lawn sprayed. Over time, a library of information is built that comes in handy—especially for new staff. Technicians can send customized messages to customers if there’s a change in schedule, if they want to share a tip, or to follow up on a service call. Quickbooks integration allows business owners to send and track invoices with the push of a button.

SoftwareVectorworks Landmark 2023

The Vectorworks 2023 product line features improvements focused on accelerated BIM workflows, interoperability, user experience enhancements, BIM for the landscape, and entertainment-focused quality improvements. Users can now search, filter, and select multiple data sets, then copy and paste information and apply it to other data sets. Vectorworks 2023 offers more control creating and customizing data tags. Users can intuitively find and change data tag object associations, display varying units per instance as needed, and define a scale for use in sheet or design layers. New options to filter objects upon import, along with criteria-based class and story mapping for alignment with Vectorworks file organization, offer greater control. Improvements to Cloud Presentations offer more freedom to active subscription and Service Select users to create and customize boards and virtual tours in Vectorworks Cloud Services.

WORKWAVEWorkWave Real Green Forms

Real Green by WorkWave has launched Real Green Forms, a digital solution for professional, customized, and branded integrated forms. Real Green Forms allows users to capture all relevant information digitally, including signatures. With Real Green Forms, users can create standardized, professional-looking PDF forms and documents, including lawn-care and lawn maintenance proposals, con-tracts, surveys, and checklists. Also included is the ability to: build a library of reusable, shareable PDF templates; identify required fields; automatically pre-fill customer information before sending; and add dynamic pricing to forms, contracts, and invoices. Real Green Forms also allows users to add forms to customer accounts and review, track, and organize every document within Service Assistant 5 via Form Tracker.

BOSSBOSS® Software Invoicing

Built into the same platform that tracks employees’ hours and material costs, users can invoice the same day the work is completed with BOSS Software’s Invoicing feature. When invoicing with BOSS, there’s no need to cross-check numbers as users switch between different software platforms. Cloud-based, BOSS ensures all necessary information is synched from department to department in real time to maintain accuracy. For larger projects, the BOSS Invoicing feature can batch monthly or set budget contracts into one itemized invoice. No more end of the month guessing or time-consuming follow-up to track information down.

SoftwareToro® Horizon360™ New Features

New features to the Toro® Horizon360™ business software suite includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and payment feature. The CRM feature allows users to automate communications including scheduling appointments, alerting clients of upcoming ser-vice, relating changes to the job, and notifying customers when a job is complete. The CRM tool can also be used for marketing promotions and annual service opportunities. The newly added payment system collects all recently completed jobs and sends invoices. To ensure secure payment, Horizon360 software has partnered with EVO Payment’s secure Cloud-based payment processing solutions.