John Deere Showcases Latest Technology Offerings

John Deere's technology highlights include: standard EZ Grade on P-Tier small dozers; advanced vision and object detection; and SmartWeigh™.


John Deere recently showcased its latest technology offerings including: standard EZ Grade on P-Tier small dozers; advanced vision and object detection solutions; and SmartWeighTM.

EZ Grade on Small Dozers

Now standard on the John Deere Small Dozer line-up, with EH controls, is EZ Grade technology, which aids operators in grading smooth finish passes by making small blade corrections automatically. EZ Grade technology is also available on the SmartGrade™ 333 P-Tier Compact Track Loader. Also available on the full line-up of small dozers is 2D slope control technology, which helps operators in maintaining flat and sloping grades by automatically controlling the blade to a desired slope.

Additionally, the small dozer line-up is available with a variety of enhancements including larger touchscreen display and the industry trusted John Deere telematics. The data captured, formerly known as JDLinkTM or WITOS FleetView receivers, has been integrated into John Deere’s enterprise-wide Operations Center tool. This tool monitors not only machine data but also makes recommendations for a customer’s jobsite with things like fuel efficiency in an easy-to-use dashboard view. Customers who have purchased options such as WPT (Wirtgen Performance Tracker) with their machine will also be able to conveniently view this data in the Operations Center in the future.

SafetyJohn Deere technology

The next generation of John Deere production-class and utility-class loaders are specifically designed to improve operator visibility and awareness. As a direct response to demand from operators, select models can be equipped with new vision and object detection technology. This technology can enhance visibility and help detect obstacles that present jobsite risks.

Object Detection technology, paired with a high-resolution camera and a dedicated display, helps enhance the operator experience and increase situational awareness. In addition, the industry-first vehicle trajectory logic technology overlays the projected vehicle reverse path to illustrate where the vehicle will move next.

Building upon the object detection enhancements, the industry-first Advanced Vision System integrates two digital cameras on the sideview mirror frames, helping to provide increased visibility to the sides of the machine. Within the cab display, operators benefit from an integrated view of all cameras, helping to increase spatial awareness with wider views and enhanced clarity.

The next phase of Deere’s technology journey can be found with SmartDetect and SmartDetect with Assist. SmartDetect combines cameras and machine learning to help give operators a better view of their surrounds. The system alerts operators when an object enters the machine’s projected travel path and provides unique detection alerts for people in the camera’s entire field of view. With SmartDetect Assist, the machine will automatically stop before coming in contact with a person.John Deere technology


One of the more advanced technology solutions is SmartWeigh, now available on the full lineup of P and X-Tier utility wheel loaders. It will soon be available on the production-size P-Tier models as well. Aimed to improve cycle times when loading trucks or processing plants, this payload weighing system delivers increased accuracy, dynamic weighing capabilities, and ease of calibration. This John Deere designed-and-supported solution helps operators confidently hit loading targets and minimize material loss. Available fully equipped on loaders from the factory or as a 250-hour trial period, customers that do not typically utilize payload weighing systems can experience the benefits first-hand, helping to prove value and give them the highest levels of productivity on their jobs.

As part of the SmartWeigh system, the dynamic bucket weighing technology eliminates frequent raising and lowering of the boom. The bucket capture height can be set anywhere between 15-90% of boom height and can be captured at any boom speed. Unlike other payload weighing systems, SmartWeigh does not require calibration with a known weight. This enables customers to easily calibrate the system themselves without the need for outside assistance. On top of this, payload weighing data is integrated into JDLink™, meaning it can be accessed nearly anywhere and not just within the cab of the machine.

Auto Level

Also new to the P-Tier and X-Tier wheel loaders, Auto Level technology is designed to eliminate frequent bucket and fork adjustments. Operators moving or handling material do not have to worry about the load tipping too far backwards or forwards as the boom is raised up and down. This feature offers near perfect parallelism throughout the entire raise and lower cycle + or – 2 degrees.

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