Best Selling Landscape Plants & Trees From GoMaterials

In 2022, GoMaterials helped source thousands of plants and trees for hundreds of landscaping projects. Here's the favorites.


Every year, GoMaterials collects and publishes extensive data about wholesale nursery plants in the USA. In 2022, they helped source thousands of plants and trees for hundreds of landscaping projects. Learning about the plants and trees your landscape industry peers sourced the most can help you prepare for the upcoming year. Here’s a look at the best-selling landscaping plants and trees in the USA from 2022. For descriptions, visit the full GoMaterials article here.

Best-selling Wholesale Nursery Plants in the USA South for 2022:


  • Pinus Elliottii (Slash Pine)
  • Taxodium Distichum (Bald Cypress)
  • Podocarpus Macrophyllus (Japanese Yew)


  • Sabal Palmetto (Cabbage Palm)
  • Chamaerops Humilis (European Fan Palm/Mediterranean Fan Palm)
  • Veitchia Merrillii (Christmas Palm/Adonidia Merrillii)


  • Liriope Muscari Super Blue (Lilyturf)
  • Liriope Muscari Big Blue (Lilyturf)
  • Dietes Bicolor (Fortnight Lily/African Iris)


tree selection
Redpointe® maple from J. Frank Schmidt & Son.
  • Chrysobalanus Icaco Red Tip (Cocoplum)
  • Ficus Microcarpa Green Island (Ficus ‘Green Island’)
  • Myrica Cerifera (Southern Wax Myrtle)


  • Acer Rubrum (Red Maple)
  • Quercus Virginiana (Live Oak)
  • Elaeocarpus Decipiens (Japanese Blueberry)

Best-selling Wholesale Nursery Plants in the USA North for 2022:


  • Pinus Strobus (Eastern White Pine)
  • Juniperus Virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar)
  • Thuja Plicata Green Giant (Western Red Cedar)


  • Asclepias Tuberosa (Butterfly Weed)

    Northern Red Oak
  • Iris Versicolor (Blue Flag Iris)
  • Juncus Effusus (Common Rush/Soft Rush)


  • Viburnum Dentatum (Viburnum Arrowwood)
  • Hamamelis Virginiana (Common Witch Hazel)
  • Clethra Alnifolia (Sweet Pepperbush)


  • Cercis Canadensis (Eastern Redbud)
  • Acer Rubrum (Red Maple)
  • Quercus Rubra (Northern Red Oak)

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