New Scag EVZ Electrifies Lawn Care


Scag Power Equipment introduces an electric-powered zero-turn riding mower: the EVZ.

The EVZ is the first electric-powered unit in Scag’s lawn mower lineup. Clean and quiet operation is ensured whether the EVZ is used at home or on the job. Operators will no longer have to deal with a noisy engine, smelly exhaust, or messy gas cans to keep their lawns looking great.

Scag EVZ

The EVZ is powered by a Vanguard® 48V 5kWh Lithium-Ion commercial battery pack.  A Smartec® by Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e™ electric drive system delivers smooth drive power and incredible maneuverability.  Smartec D2e™ cutter deck motors provide strong cutting power, yet deliver maximum efficiency for extended run time.

The machine features Scag’s Hero™ cutter deck to provide quality-of-cut. Heavy-duty construction ensures years of dependable service and worry-free productivity. Aluminum, sealed ball bearing, blade-drive spindles provide reliable performance season after season. A low-maintenance design offers: fewer grease points; no engine oil to change; and no belts to replace.

A variety of features further enhance this mower experience, including standard LED lights which illuminate the way to and from the garage or trailer in low-light conditions. A full-featured display screen shows battery charge level, total hours of machine run time, and system diagnostics. Onboard Bluetooth capabilities offer remote troubleshooting through the Smartec Connect™ and Smartec MyMow® apps.

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  1. A number of features improve the mower experience, including standard LED lights that illuminate the path to and from the garage or trailer in low-light settings.

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