New Tri-Fuel Engines Advance KOHLER’s Alternative Fuel Leadership


KOHLER_smallKOHLER, Wis. – KOHLER Engines is fortifying its leadership position in alternative fuels with the introduction of new Tri-Fuel engines. Four of the company’s Command PRO horizontal shaft engines—the CH260, CH270, CH395, and CH440—now offer the ability to run on three different fuels: gasoline, propane and natural gas. This offers technicians the ability to easily switch between the three fuels based on the availability of fuel or fuel preference for a specific application.

“Our new Tri-Fuel engines provide ultimate flexibility for engine dealers as well as end users,” said Scott Lee, product manager for KOHLER Engines. “Now, dealers have the ability to stock a single engine model and—as long as they have the necessary fuel kits—they’ll be able to set the engine to accept gasoline, LP or natural gas. This level of engine flexibility can significantly cut a dealer’s inventory costs while also allowing them to quickly make adjustments to meet the exact needs of their customers.”

The four new KOHLER Command PRO Tri-Fuel engines are available in power ratings from six to 14 hp. and will be utilized in a wide variety of utility equipment, including blowers, concrete saws, pumps, welders, wood chippers, and more.

In another alternative fuels development, KOHLER Engines has announced the commercial availability of its propane-powered 824cc Command PRO EFI engines. These powerful new engines—initially introduced in late 2014—are now available in two models offering 27 and 29 hp. Both models feature KOHLER’s closed-loop electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology, which helps deliver optimal fuel efficiency along with a variety of other benefits, including easy starting, improved power and better reliability.

KOHLER Engines is the only company in the industry to manufacture a closed-loop EFI engine designed and optimized for propane use, producing equivalent power and torque to carbureted gasoline engines. The factory-direct propane EFI models eliminate the need for less effective aftermarket propane kits that typically require fuel adjustment and priming and often don’t perform as well.

Since propane is a cleaner burning fuel, the 824cc Command PRO EFI propane models are ideal for users in states that enforce Ozone Action Days, which limit mowing with carbureted gasoline engines. Propane-fueled equipment can also help commercial cutters win business contracts with municipalities and other organizations seeking “green” fuels and technologies.

“As propane and other alternative fuels continue to gain traction, we’re very pleased with the initial feedback we’ve received to our new tri-fuel engines and we’re certainly excited for our propane EFI units to be hitting the market,” Lee added. “At KOHLER Engines, we remain committed to driving new advancements that offer tangible benefits to end users who continue to seek out an ideal combination of both savings and performance.”

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