6 Spring Cleanup Services To Market To Your Clients


There may be snow on the ground where you live, but now’s the time to start thinking about spring services. It takes time to market to your clients and get your crew trained, so decide now what services your company will offer so you can hit ground running when the weather breaks.

1. Clear leaves, branches, other debris.

Spring is the time to do an overall refresh of the yard. Once the snow melts, leftover leaves, sticks and pinecones become more obvious. Outdoor Design Group recommends raking the yard and flower beds well at least once to help manage any debris from the winter.

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2. Aeration.

Aerating in the spring gives the grass a chance to recuperate as it goes into its primary growing season. Be sure to evaluate each lawn’s needs before aerating and avoid the service during extended drought.

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3. Edging.

Landscape edging frames plantings and creates clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas. Now is the time to make sure the edges of the lawn are well defined and consider any re-edging that might be necessary around flower beds, according to The Grounds Guys. Be sure to address any metal edging that may have heaved over the winter, suggests the Outdoor Design Group. If you notice during a maintenance visit that a client doesn’t have any bed edging in their landscape, this is a good opportunity to offer the service and show the value edging has to bringing more distinct, visual interest to a property.

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4. New plants.

Bring color to your client’s landscape immediately with newly planted flowers and annuals. Homeowners and property managers want their properties to look fresh for the season, and there’s nothing like color in the right places to make their landscapes stand out, says Rick Cuddihe, president of Lafayette Consulting.

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5. Irrigation check.

Once May arrives, start up the irrigation systems. Do a full checkup on sprinkler heads, nozzles and any drip irrigation. Look for clogs, leaks and proper adjustments or alignments that might be necessary. According to Outdoor Design Group in Colorado, lawns do not generally need supplemental water until May. Check soil moisture to be sure.

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6. Nontraditional services.

Clogged gutters are a nightmare for property owners. If you offer this service, make sure your insurance covers your employees on ladders, says Rick Cuddihe. Let clients know about your gutter services now so when they do need the service, you’ll be first in their mind when they consider it in the future. Window washing may be another opportunity to consider offering to clients this spring. Keith Kalfas has found a way to be profitable and pay attention to the details in order to win over customers.

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