Q: I want to grow my business but I can’t seem to find the best way to do it. Help!

A: This is one of the most common questions I get from contractors relying almost solely on mowing and trimming. The good news is you have many opportunities to grow your business yet this season.

One of the best ways to grow your revenue is to provide new services to the properties you already mow and trim. You have the clients on your books, so promoting and selling related services makes sense.

Start by offering color changes. Seasonal color beautifies properties. Homeowners and property managers want their properties to look good, and there’s nothing like color in the right places to make their landscapes stand out. Start by offering it to some of your best clients. Draw diagrams showing your clients how color will enhance their properties. Don’t push too hard; let the diagrams and some of the sample plants you bring with you do the selling for you. Most clients will appreciate your commitment to their property’s appearance.

I’m suggesting color because the margins on plant installs and seasonal changes are higher than many other landscape services. They are also relatively simple to provide. Don’t hesitate to begin offering this service. There’s still time this season to provide two or three more seasonal changes to make their properties look great well into the fall — and still reap two or three more billings from each client.

Contractors running companies that offer multiple services realize the profit potential in promoting and delivering new services to existing clients. They count on (and actively market) enhancements.

Mark Lay, president of AA Tex Lawn Co., Mathews, North Carolina, uses Google Maps to sell enhancements, such as determining a good place on a commercial client’s property to design and install color, perhaps at their building entrances and along walkways. Suggest an attractive and tidy landscaped sitting area where their employees take breaks. Think like your clients so that you can provide them more service without breaking their budgets.

“Clients are familiar with Google Maps and can easily look over our recommendations online and see exactly what our account manager is suggesting,” says Lay.

Seasonal Color Tips

  • Think like your customers when offering enhancements.
  • Draw up your suggestions and use Google Maps.
  • Show them samples.
  • Soft selling additional services works best.
  • Everyone likes color, so promote it.

Finally, if you’re not offering lawn applications, rethink that. Many lawn care companies are expanding their services. If they are treating some of your clients’ properties, they may eventually attempt to take those clients away from you. Don’t risk that. You don’t need to revamp your business to offer basic lawn care services. You may even consider adding a lawn care franchise to your business. Many maintenance companies have successfully gone that route.

Never stop evaluating your business model and looking for new opportunities to boost revenue without a major investment. Seasonal color is a relatively simple, but profitable, service to consider now. You’ll never know until you try.

How are you incorporating seasonal color to enhance your client’s properties? Let us know in the comments below