STIHL Homeowner AK Line Earns AFTC Certification


The American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) has added the STIHL AK 36V homeowner system of battery-powered equipment as AGZA Field Tested Certified (AFTC). This means STIHL has now achieved AFTC Certification for both homeowner/consumer and professional/commercial battery powered systems.

STIHL made it clear to AGZA that the AK System is designed and manufactured for homeowners. That said, AGZA torture-tested the AK System with its network of commercial operators in a variety of settings. The tools were also tested among homeowners for feedback on performance, ergonomic satisfaction, and functionality. Many of AGZA’s commercial operators who currently use STIHL AP professional tools were impressed with the STHIL AK System overall.

“AGZA’s independent relationship with STIHL Inc. goes back over a decade, placing heavy torturous hours on STIHL 36V, AP battery-powered commercial tools. Despite that history, we had to approach the AK System completely separate of the AP System,” said AGZA President Dan Mabe. “AGZA is pleased with the outcome and looks forward to sharing our findings and testing feedback with our alliance members and the public.”

“We are pleased to receive this certification,” said Roger Phelps, corporate communications manager for STIHL Inc. “Our AK System offers our customers everything they’ve come to expect from STIHL tools. Our battery-powered outdoor power equipment provides high performance with zero-exhaust emissions, no fuel cost, low maintenance, lightweight maneuverability, and quiet operation.”

STIHL is strongly committed to joining other AFTC tool platforms to support AGZA Residential, Service Pro and Green Zone® education and certification programs for lower-impact grounds maintenance. The commitment of STIHL to designing and manufacturing innovative battery-powered tool products helps create a better quality of life by lowering noise in our neighborhoods. Collaboration between STIHL and AGZA will continue to help transition prudently and responsibly into battery technology for years to come.

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